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As technology advances, human life has continued to extend, on anti-aging techniques are evolving,  except LED is used for home such as 12 volt led lights and so on, it can aslo used for beauty. Today we saw a small series LED anti-aging mask, it is said to be “effectively ease skin aging,” are LED light can also be anti-aging?

Above this mask with LED lights was named “Magic LED beauty mask”, it id said to have magic function “wrinkles to scars, blotches, tightening pores and other”. Principle is that the red LED light can stimulate the activity of fibroblasts to promote regeneration of collagen and elastin, which helps users in 7 to 21 days recast young, healthy skin. I wonder our skin will be better if we always live in the household cheap LED light bulbs, it absolutely isn’t.

Why LED lighting can eliminate wrinkles? Scientific evidence shows that when around 650 nm wavelength light shine to the human body, skin cells can promote the secretion of collagen to enhance skin elasticity, reduce the number and depth of wrinkles. Sunlight has aslo this band, but sunlight contains all wavelengths of light, except there are ultraviolet light is so harmful to the skin, if you want to remove face wrinkles, you can not take your body in the sun all the time. The LED has the ability that can be given a specific wavelength of monochromatic light, so long as the control procedures was set up, it can only send about 650 nm wavelength, which play to the efficacy of eliminating wrinkles. Are LED in mask the same as 12 volt led light bulbs? but I have no idea, maybe they are.

The principle of LED eliminate wrinkles is found by U.S. researchers, scientists also proved by experiments, LED lights combined treatment with green tea extract, which is better than a simple LED light therapy. According to these studies, the Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research Center launched the LED eliminate wrinkle beauty equipment research and development. Today, the prototype has been around, it is like a mask can be worn on the person’s face. The center commissioned salon test, subjects were daily wear “masks” 20 minutes and continuous use 15-20 days, the wrinkles appear more obvious reduction in the number, and depth also weakened.