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Innovative biodegradable bottle packaging LED lights

This “Re Wine” LED light is a unique design from design company Miniwiz, as long as you usually have the packaging of wine bottles, wine bottles code were placed neatly reliable, and they are also used up their creativity into a special LED light shade with the bottle for the LED lamp socket, which has become custom for LED lamp in restaurants and bars. The trick is that the bottle packaging turned lampshade, and packaging materials entirely derived from rice husk as an alternative to plastic and metal, not only to avoid non-degradable plastic white pollution, but also make rice husks as a natural renewable materials plus environmental health Nichia LED bulbs, which is a very low-carbon energy and innovative lighting. Get cheap led light here:12 volt led lights.

Thinnest and Lightest Classic Simple LED Lights

Simple design can bring thinnest and lightest LED lights, Minimo series of light fixtures clean and transparent body produced by acroleic acid, which like the many borneol fuse together into one, and full-flat design is more conducive to packing and shipping, cylinder shade the patterns can be varied, built-in energy-saving LED bulbs, each light fixture has the classic outline shape, changing the line restore a variety of classic lighting design.Get cheap led light here:Cheap LED light bulbs.