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The morning of September 21, 2011, in the the Sanyo media bloggers exchange meeting, the Minister of Sanyo new products, Mr. Pan Chenqi introduced a the Sanyo variety of high-tech products for us, I was attracted by a particularly interesting decorative lights (love Lepu ‘eneloop’ rechargeable decorative lights ENL-Y1S,-C), I listen to introduce while taking pictures, but unfortunately the time was too limited, photographed the picture is very limited.


Designer Enrique Romero de la Llana made  pulp lamps by newspaper pulp waste, lamp materials is from recycling, low-carbon built environment cheap LED light bulbs which was given a second life. This series of hand-made lamps there is no standard form, the lighting effects are not the same, each product is special creation, a new shape, color and texture, like a newborn, not particularly beautiful but also has a special significance.

DIY Beautiful Lamps With LED lights

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Lighting

Simple and beautiful chandeliers office cover

For office workers, folders are the most commonly used, but have you ever thought to have a simple transformation to more transparent envelope, it can become angular shade, which will be a beautiful and practical chandelier with the cheap led light bulbs, LED is the health of low-carbon, and LED light temperature is relatively low, safe to use, will not melt the plastic. Don’t throw the folder, which can turn ordinary folder into something wonderful just with a little creativity, this is the transformation of waste re-use, so finding more beauty in the simple life.

Interestingly coil lamp

Do you like to roll ball of yarn, it meet your fun now, a roll out of the body such as winding mummy lamps, which is from designer Craighton Berman, this coil lamp can be rolled yourself, layer upon layer lamp cable was roll into a hollow shade, built-in 12 volt led light bulbs to light let the wound interesting, to avoid direct glare LED light, you can do it yourself, winding out the line so character lamp on the living room table, it is condensation but not simple, choosing orange wires make the room warmer.

SABO studio headquarters based in Tokyo, which exhibited a new lighting design work in Rotterdam Vivid art gallery, the different fruit shapes of LED lighting it was designed by ronmentally safe lighting, The name of these unique style lighting is “Strange Fruit”, which comes from a talented Japanese designer Hisakazu Shimizu, he is a talented designer, Canon’s digital IXUS is designed by him. This group of fruit lighting have lovely design modeling and a variety of very beautiful colors, such as the fruit just picked from fruit trees, very fresh and appealing, as a decorative lamp and kids night lights will bring relaxed mood.

The main tone of  is warm, crystal candle chandelier adds a romantic elegant atmosphere to create a warm, elegant atmosphere of simple European life.

In the European style, the candles are indispensable decorations with flickering candlelight and romantic music, which outlines the European life style. It can be said that candle lights fit the moment that the performance of consumer groups seek the fashion European home. Old candle-shaped candle was insteaded of flame-shaped head, not only retained the beautiful shaped of the candle, and save the inconvenience of burning candles.

In such a cold winter night, the LED light-emitting pillow let the each night be full of warmth and romance. The LED light-emitting pillow was first designed by Taiwanese designers DianaLin team which delicate touch and perception through a combination of LED optical technology, made ​​of a variety of the pillow’s shapes, built-in light which is less than 12 volt LED light bulb, can light color, low power consumption, only three batteries to be sufficient for one month. At night, holding the light and comfortable pillows, driving music, read a book or chat, LED technology allows you to live such a soft light surrounded by happiness.

The LED light-emitting pillow are the most deadly for the girl, perhaps every girl needs a pillow to take their sensitive and gentle, perhaps we need to have a bright night light to dispel loneliness to protect their fragile hearts. Then the LED lighting design on the pillow is the fashion gift that know the most heart Philippine girls, Christmas and Valentine’s Day it is as the best gift enough to capture the hearts and minds for a girl.

Improved Light Bulb

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Lighting

Germany company has recently designed a series of improved bulled LED bulbs, the size shape and brightness are similar with incandescent bulbs, but the electric power consumption is only 85%. A single LED bulb consist of the 11 dim LED light module, this is 12 volt led light bulb, but it can provide the equivalent of 60-watt incandescent bulb brightness.

Fluorescent light bulbs is another energy-saving light bulbs, its temperature is low, white light. By contrast with fluorescent lamps, the designer set bulled color temperature to 2800K, it can send warm and natural light. Because of the special shape of the bulb, it can scatter out 330 degrees. Its life is 80,000 hours that can be used within 80 yearsin normal. Can we find it at online shop with worldwide free shipping, I have not idea.