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We all know that stone is a kind of non-renewable resource. When it is used less, the government has adopted a series of measures to limit and limit the mining of the mine, whether it is in environmental protection or out of resource protection, and to reduce the amount of stone as much as possible. The amount of exploitation. This is because of these reasons.angel headstones Since this time, the price of stone has risen at a rapid rate, and the production cost of stone tombstones has also been rising. Some stone carving manufacturers often use this to make up for price advantage in an increasingly competitive market. However, some stone carving demanders are still confused about how to pick a good stone sculpture.
touch. Good quality granite stone, texture is hard and delicate, very texture and uniform particles, stone pattern can make the carved stone tombstone’s grade and appearance more flavor, better, and the service life is longer. The stone tombstone is a product placed outdoors. The granite stone is stable in nature and is not susceptible to corrosion and weathering. It is easy to place for a long time.

listen. The quality of granite stone is divided into several levels. Naturally, the density of stones of different quality and quality is not the same, and the sound when striking is naturally not the same. The sound of a good quality granite stone strikes is more crisp, and if there is a crack or other flaw inside the stone, it is knocked. The sound it makes when it hits will appear dull.
The above two methods are the most direct,muslim headstones and they are also the most intuitive reflections and judgments of stone quality. There is also a method of identification is to drop ink, some artificial stone uses a lot of dyes, it will cause harm to the human body, and all aspects of the indicators and there is a certain difference between the natural stone. After the ink is dripped, once the ink is not absorbed, spread around to prove that the quality of the stone is normal, or you can directly judge that this is not a natural granite stone.

When choosing a stone tombstone, learn more about the relevant selection techniques and expertise and avoid spending money on being cheated. Of course, Xiao Bian is not to instigate or criticize some stone carving manufacturers, but Xiao Bian is a firm firm opponent of mercenaryism. Xiao Bian believes that only by treating people with sincerity, conscientiousness, and quality can we retain occupants. Consumers also need to know how to identify the manufacturers when they custom-made stone carving tombstones. After all, information technology is very developed. The information on the Internet is very large, but there are not many signals, so consumers must know how to find the actual manufacturers. The stone carving factory of the exhibition hall custom-made cooperation to ensure a pleasant consumer experience.