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Raymond, president the Suo Neila (Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies) in an interview with CNET telephone interview, said that although Apple’s new iPad battery size is 1.7 times the iPad 2 battery, but the LED in the brightest state also consumes battery life .

New iPad LED power consumption is 2.5 times that of the iPad 2, and its cell size is 1.7 times the iPad 2 battery, if the user LED brightest state to run the new iPad, the battery life will Suonei La said: reduction in battery size only increased by 70%, while electricity consumption has increased 150 percent. ”

New iPad LED lit battery life time is reduced, but the brightness settings to low, and can get the same effect with iPad battery life. Suonei La, said: “LED brightest state, the new iPad battery life than the iPad 2 decreased by 20%; but the brightness setting in the middle of the value of the new iPad battery life and iPad 2, while intermediate values ??should conventional settings.

More specifically, the brightness should be set at 36%, the value will be the default settings on the iPad.

But many people still insist on using the iPad state LED brightest.

The final analysis, the duration of battery life with LED LED backlight from the original number of 36 to grow to about 72-82. Typically consume about 50% -60% of the Tablet PC energy consumption due to the display, the new Suonei La said: paragraph iPad battery at least need to increase 50%. ”

Previously, CNET new iPad battery life test results show that the new iPad uninterrupted battery life when playing movie files to 12.8 hours, the iPad 2 battery life of 14.2 hours.