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Hexagonal LED Watch

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Accessory


This hexagonal LED watches is brought by the architect Samuel Jerichow for those who like to decrypt puzzle enthusiasts.

There are several hexagons on the dial, each side are used by neon tubes. Green represents hours, blue for minutes. It also provides the wearer five different difficulty settings.

The Various Brooch

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Accessory

The brooch can go anywhere – on a coat, a cardigan, a bag, a pair of heels, a belt, on a scarf, on a dress, in your hair and even on a wedding cake! Make it more beatiful.

You can wear it in any occasions and it makes you eye catching, dress your simple ensemble up in a lovely and trendy brooch, and put this lovely brooch on your favorite dress shirt scarf or jacket lapel,  do you like it?

 Ulysse Nardin Estimated price: $6000 – $ 8,000 with commission price: $ 10,000 

 Description: 18K pink gold, divers table, dynamic storage, produced about in 2005
 Accessories: warranty card, the Hong Kong Observatory certificate, manual.
   Diameter: 40 mm
   Overview: 3-piece sheet conditions, transparent case back, 18K and titanium rotating bezel, 2892 movement with power reserve, 28 rubies, dial, case, movement of both signatures.

    【Comment】 In recent years, Ulysse Nardin soar prices to enhance its brand awareness that is relatively weak. The divers, such as tables, sailing from Ulysse Nardin, the rise of sophisticated table time, 160 years of watchmaking history, the Ulysse Nardin table also received a number of awards time, nearly 9 percent of the Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph selection in terms of spoils. Ulysse Nardin has a very comprehensive product line, there are a variety of complex functions covered.

    Navigation series is one of most Ulysse Nardin classic style, Although the configuration ETA2892 this table movement, the price is still stuck atop by the overall price trends. With the rise of Ulysse Nardin now, if you have several Ulysse Nardin of the 90’s of last century, sell ​​it now you will make a lot of money. The price is very stable with virtually no gains too obvious.

Party loaded with color ring collision

Tips: color fashion hit play, is more suitable to reach the ring and nail polish. Intense saturated color, with dark lines of the dress, party makeup to be so easy!

Letters Ring Individuality

Tips: exaggeration of the letters, whether or LOGO SLOGAN, are the expression of personality, the trend in respect of this publicity!

Pioneer Side By Side, Trend-Type Ring

Tips: This year in particular popular style ring ring side by side, look like four fingers are brought, it being very trendsetters!

Owl Ring Nude Color

Tips: plastic geometric patterns of the big ring, the usual wear, can be decorated carries it Oh!

Vintage Pearl Inlaid Rings

Tips: aesthetic sense of design, especially suitable for gentle temperament.

Vintage Exquisite Charming Little Fox Ring

Tips: delicate little fox ring, so strong at the same time you retro atmosphere charming.

If your lovers’ birthday is coming soon, are you searching for something special for her/him? Now instead of going to the same store where you do your normal shopping, try something unexpected. Shopping couple watches online would be the best options. Or you also can send them to your buddy friend who have the lovers. Here are 8 pairs of couple watches for your choice.

Black Steel Strap Three Compass Couples Watches

Love Heart White Peach Belt Couple Watches

Fashion Tone Diamond Steel Couple Watches

Fashion Coffee Golden Couple Watches

Classic Diamond-studded Belt Couple Watches

Bright White Steel Diamond Couple Watches

Black Surface Steel Strap Digital Couple Watches

Most of them have unique shape that is a simple fashion, ring type wear, so that the table is more novel. Unique design add a beauty for you. The couple watch with exquisite design are very charming for all occasions, they are stylish and exquisite. This pair of watches are the perfect gift for you and your lover, but also can be used as gifts to others. If you want to learn more information, please contact me or leave word for me.

Your protection of the eyes is merely when critical since the security of your skin on the detrimental effects associated with summer months sunrays. Sunglasses is also the most interesting sun shades manufactured presently. There are very popular lately modest style sunglasses, I will definitely provide all 9 colors taste different sunglasses, you will be love them at first sight.
The sunglass protects your eyes by filtering out harmful sun rays. Protect your eye from dust, sun rays damage as well as reduce the eye fatigue. The sunglasses are the latest must-have accessory for the outdoor activities.

With all the summer is coming and various outdoor activities, you may feel as though you need to spend a lot of dough to buy a ton of new outfits. That’s where accessories come in cuz everyone knows that clothes may make the person, but accessories complete the outfit! Since accessories can get pricey, try creating your own unique styles by making them yourself. There are several bead jewelry you can DIY for yourselves or your friends.
Innate love of beautiful women, these Beads, has a novel design, high quality materials, each bead is glamorous, are sent to his girlfriend and friends to share and they will love, and will bring endless beautiful.

5pcs Deep Blue Stripe Pandora Bead Accessory

Deep Blue Pandora Accessory Bead with Flower embellished

Light Pink Glass Bead Accessories

Green Pandora Bead Accessories

Purple Glass Bead with Flowers

Red Pandora Bead Accessories

Blue Stripe Pandora Bead Accessory

With a novel design and high quality material, these Beads can be linked up to a necklace or a bracelet as wishes. Charming up the life with your own handwork. For self use or sending as a gift to share the charming with your beloved friends.