In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer burial tombstones, and cremation tombstones have become more and more popular. The reason for this is mainly attributed to the funeral policy that the state has implemented in recent years. In recent years, China has implemented the policy of cremation and centralized tombs in most parts of China.jiahengstone The cemetery is to save land. Now China’s first-tier cities and more developed regions have basically implemented funeral cremation methods, and the popularity of cremation will increase. The higher the number of people is, the higher the number of people in rural areas is that even some rural areas have begun to build cemeteries. Its original intention and the current environmental protection advocated by other products is a concept. Afterwards, for example, funeral forms such as tree burial and sea burial will be accepted and welcomed by headstone
However, according to China’s current national conditions, cremation is a form of funeral that best suits existing social development and can be widely accepted by people. “Introducing the land for safety” is a traditional thought that the Chinese have followed since ancient times. The forms of ecological burials such as tree burials and sea burials are too open. Cremation is most suitable for the way the tombs are currently implemented in the country. This is why cremation tombstones have become more and more popular in recent years. One of the main reasons.

Because the integration of multiple cultures combined with people’s ideas have also changed to a great extent, the requirements for tombstones are no longer the traditional styling elements. They are more likely to show their individuality and life. People’s pursuit of personalization is getting higher and higher, so simple product design can no longer meet the needs of most people. Along with this trend, custom-made tombstone products have also emerged. Most of the tombstone manufacturers in Hui’an, Fujian Province, are able to accept customers’ pictures or opinions to customize the tombstone products, and they can give timely, professional and sincere customization advice.
Hui’an, Fujian Province, is a famous stone carving area in the world. It has been given the reputation of “the hometown of stone carving in the world”. It can be seen that its carving techniques are recognized by the world. The carving of tombstone products also uses multiple engraving techniques, including line carving, relief carving, round carving, and shadow carving, and uses granite stone with a very high cost performance for carving. Granite stone is very abundant in Fujian Province, and it is a place where it is mined. It is convenient to use it directly in the cost much lower than other areas, so it can give everyone a more reasonable price. Granite stone is rich in color and can meet the needs of various customers. Huian’s masonry masters are highly skilled in carving, and they can also do a good job with some complex decorative patterns. Finally, the tombstone products that are most satisfying and satisfying to customers are presented to customers.
This is why when people custom-made stone carving products, Huian stone carving became the first choice. In this rapid development regardless of economy or material level, people’s requirements for product quality do not stop at their prices, and they pay more attention to their practical value and ornamental value. A set of well-proven tombstone products can be called The above is a work of art, not only playing a more ornamental value is in line with the Chinese people’s pursuit of “face”, but also a “Guangzuo Yaozu” pursuit.

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