double headstones The price of stone carving tombstones of the same style and specifications on the market today is very different. Many customers call to consult and ask why the price gap is so big. Many customers are not very clear about how to calculate the price of stone tombstones. Why is the gap between the same size and stone stone tombstones so great? Today, Xiao Bian came to introduce the factors that affect the price of Hui’an stone tombstone.

Among them,cheap grave markers the most basic is the most obvious is that the cost of the stone directly determines the price of this stone tombstone, and the number of good materials is very high. Stone color, for example, the higher the purity of the white marble, the higher the market price, the quality of the stone quality, hardness, density, these are the main factors that directly affect the price of stone. Some stones cost as much as 10,000 yuan per cubic meter, and the rate of production of such stones is very low. The natural cracks in stone materials are very large for the loss of stone.
Due to this period of time, the government only supervised the stone carving industry, restricted the mining of the mines, and the lack of stone resources. The prices of many stone materials were adjusted several times, and were constantly adjusted according to changes in the market. This is why there are many customers feedback why the quotation will change every time recently. In fact, the quotation of stone is valid for 3 days. If you do it for more than a week, you need to re-quote the quotation because the cost of stone is too much. Now.
There is also the length of the delivery schedule also affects the price of the stone tombstone. Handicrafts for stone tombstones belong to the most difficult types of work. It takes enough man-hours to present a perfect and high-quality tombstone product. If the time is too short or too hasty, then it is necessary to use advanced craftsmen to sculpt, which has great demands on the craftsman’s skill and experience. Stone carving tombstone belongs to handicrafts, although the current technology is very developed, many machines can be used instead of processing, but the machine processing can not detail the details of the engraving, the key is still need to manually operate, determine the quality of a product is often Determined by the details. Here is a good example of the phrase “details determine success or failure.”
Another important influencing factor is the complexity of the sculpting process. The main techniques used in a stone tombstone include round carvings, reliefs, line carvings, and shallow carvings. There are many tombstones with complex shapes that need to be combined with various carving techniques. In addition to the process, the complexity of the decoration of tombstones and the number of ornamentations are closely linked to the tombstone’s price. The more and more complex the decoration, the higher the overall cost of the tombstone. The manufacturer’s quotation directly reflects the pursuit of product quality by the stone carving manufacturer.monument design Of course, it does not rule out that some manufacturers choose the stone to be shoddy, in order to occupy the price advantage in the fierce market competition, but Xiaobian thinks. Honesty and exquisite carving level is the foundation for a manufacturer or even a company to have long-term development.

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