In the International Sculpture Art Exposition held in Hui’an in November, the on-site carving process of the shadow carving became a beautiful landscape of the entire exhibition hall. Many tourists will stop at the shadow carving product display area. While everyone is wondering the carving techniques of shadow carving, Xiao Bian will also briefly introduce the application of Huian Shadow Sculpture in real life and its popular reasons. .
The reason why an item is loved by more and more people must be because its characteristics in some aspects meet the needs of people. The reason why Shadow Carving is getting more and more favored is nothing more than this. In our on-site observation, we found that the shadow carving is the use of a steel brazing tool that is thinner than the needle, relying on the sculpting master’s wrist force and carving experience to handle the details and light, and carving on the smooth ink stone. Similar to the traditional form of plane painting, that is, the shadow carving has all the features and display basis of the plane painting. As we all know, our hand-painted paintings will oxidize during actual use, and will become blurred after a long time. Even if there are superb photography techniques and image restoration techniques, they will gradually fade over time. Even lost, many precious pictures could not be preserved for decades or even hundreds of years. The appearance of shadow carvings just made up for this shortcoming, especially the appearance of color shadow carving techniques complemented the shortcomings of black and white shadow carving.
With the increasing popularity of shadow carving, many young people will choose to engrave wedding images or family portraits on stones and paint them. This is very useful for preservation. The ancestral hall has great educational and commemorative significance as a place for the ancestors to miss and inherit the clan. It records the glorious deeds of ancestors and the planeization of shadow eagles does not occupy too much space. In addition, gravestones are placed outdoors in the cemetery. The open air environment consumes a lot of photos and paintings. The shadow eagle can maintain its stability for a long time both indoors and outdoors, and it is not easily weathered. After several decades or even hundreds of years, the picture is still clearly visible. The people’s persistent obsession with the dead also further promoted the application of shadow carving in the cemetery, and its role in accumulating more and more is becoming more and more significant.
The Xiamen BRIC Conference and the November International Sculpture Exposition brought a larger and brighter display platform to shadow carving. The development of Huian Shadow Sculpture has been greatly promoted and promoted. Shadow carving is a unique carving technique that is unique to Hui’an, Fujian, and has its uniqueness in the region. Hui’an also has the reputation of “the hometown of stone carvings in the world”. Whether it is carving techniques or quality, it is trustworthy. It is Huian’s. Pride is also a cultural heritage that the country is proud of.

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