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What is fluorite

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Fluorite, also known as calcium fluoride, is a common halide mineral, which is a compound, its composition is calcium fluoride, fluoride is an important mineral extraction. Fluorite there are many colors that can also be transparent and colorless. Transparent colorless fluorite can be used to produce special optical lens. Fluorite there are many uses, such as steel, aluminum production of flux, used to make opal glass, ceramic products, high-octane fuel and production of catalysts and so on. Fluorite general grainy or lumpy, with shiny glass, green or purple as much. Fluorite under ultraviolet light or regular cathode rays emitted blue-green phosphor, and its name is based on this feature from.stone
For the fluorite, usually it into gem and jade level. Gem fluorite requiring transparency, non-variegated, bright colors. Jade grade fluorspar assembly requires fine particles, dense, large block degrees. Because large fluorite products, rich colors, it is often made into a variety of jewelry, but its hardness than the end, do not wear should be together with natural crystal, the crystal will scratch fluorite! The collected directly from the fluorite mine down a certain radiation, can not be placed in the bedroom! flooring Common colors are light green to dark green, blue, green, blue, yellow, wine, yellow, purple, violet, gray, brown, red, dark red.

Cement production of industrial calcium fluorite fluorine content between 50-90,
Steel production of industrial calcium fluorite fluorine content between 75-90.
Coarse calcium fluorite fluorine content of about 80 for Porcelain, chemical, pharmaceutical production.
Fluorite powder, calcium fluorine content of less than 75, for all kinds of fine chemical, pharmaceutical and other production.