Here is Two Funny Night Lights – LiveLamp + LED PunchTheLighting

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Night Lights
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PARTD: LED cactus potted Lamp is as a green plants are placed in the living room, we can call this night light LiveLamp, it is a very good choose to increase the greenery and clean air, and it is a good  night lights for kids, if the plant combine with home, not only the creative fashion, but also save space, it is killing two birds with one stone.

This resembles a cactus LiveLamp potted lights, thick shade of glass blowing equidistant “species” on something like a spider plants need only a little UV lamps to provide air and a little water can survive plants. Night lights become creative pots placed in the living room and is full of personality.

PARTE: the boxing LED light (PunchTheLighting): urban white-collar workers every day to be pressure from all sides the weight of breathless, put on a boxing sandbag can extract at home, can alleviate the boredom of the mood, but also exercise. Combine lighting with this boxing bag and let you hit more fun. I have not ideas wether it is 12 volt LED lights.

Light of this boxing boxing sandbag-like inflatable transparent airbag installed a secure and stable LED light source, on / off lights to blow it, only to meet the lighting needs, but also the way to vent is not very creative? More led lighting such as best LED flashlight, Headlamps, desk lamps and others.


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