Emergency flashlight to prepare for contingencies – Powerful iPhone application

Posted: March 13, 2012 in LED Flashlights
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Every time when we walked the dark street or corridor, we always want to use the LED flashlight application in the phone to help us out of darkness, but the reaction of these applications let us feel very ashamed. Today we bring this emergency flashlight: the Rescue Flashlight “is a rapid response, there will be no drag.


This interface is simple, and emphasized the use of in case of emergency Zhuang adjust the strobe frequency piece design on a similar amplifier volume knob, and still quite creative. In addition, the software open the best LED flashlight so that there is a very surreal sound effects, sound like science fiction laser empowerment, it is very interesting!

“Emergency flashlight: the Rescue Flashlight claim App Store, start the fastest flashlight application opens automatically light up, are far better than then press a button to fast, but many similar applications can achieve surprising. Software with an emergency button is pressed to activate the LED strobe function, the screen will start flashing, and a loud alarm sound, and by the previously mentioned knob, you can also set the frequency of the strobe.


Software small, we may wish to bookmark a, to prepare for contingencies. In other software have begun to join the advertising, emergency flashlight: Rescue Flashlight “insisted that no advertising is still very rare.

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