Newfangled Lighting – Draw the LED Lights + PUYL Pump Flashlight

Posted: March 9, 2012 in LED Beauty
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“Paint” out the lighting: Draw the Lights

It allows the ceiling into a grid by a “canvas” consisting of number of LED group,  the light pen in the hands is a painting of the “brush”, when the beam of the light pen illuminate to a specific LED group, these LED will be lit, and the brightness and color can be set on a light pen. So we can paint on a piece of “canvas” by the pen. Moreover, the LED brightness can be achieved very strong level, so these “paintings” also can be a great lighting, each will not re-sample, Suah as I need night lights for kids, and it can do to or me.

Clearly, if the light was “painted” (Draw the Lights) with mass production which can bring a considerable degree a convenient to life, for instance any location in our home lit a shape is always brush control lights including 12 volt LED lights , but also we can change their patterns at any time in accordance with the atmosphere or mood.

PUYL pump LED  flashlight, blowing up it can be generate the power

This PUYL pump flashlight is brought by the designers Formpasch, it makes pump and LED flashlight into one, when you cheer or like twitching a few pumps, it will be able to issue a power to light up the LED light , and excess electricity will be stored in the built-in battery.

PUYL was using the lamp front side of the gas needle layout program, and it can be directly mounted on the bike tripod beams, it is very easy to use.

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