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Raymond, president the Suo Neila (Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies) in an interview with CNET telephone interview, said that although Apple’s new iPad battery size is 1.7 times the iPad 2 battery, but the LED in the brightest state also consumes battery life .

New iPad LED power consumption is 2.5 times that of the iPad 2, and its cell size is 1.7 times the iPad 2 battery, if the user LED brightest state to run the new iPad, the battery life will Suonei La said: reduction in battery size only increased by 70%, while electricity consumption has increased 150 percent. ”

New iPad LED lit battery life time is reduced, but the brightness settings to low, and can get the same effect with iPad battery life. Suonei La, said: “LED brightest state, the new iPad battery life than the iPad 2 decreased by 20%; but the brightness setting in the middle of the value of the new iPad battery life and iPad 2, while intermediate values ??should conventional settings.

More specifically, the brightness should be set at 36%, the value will be the default settings on the iPad.

But many people still insist on using the iPad state LED brightest.

The final analysis, the duration of battery life with LED LED backlight from the original number of 36 to grow to about 72-82. Typically consume about 50% -60% of the Tablet PC energy consumption due to the display, the new Suonei La said: paragraph iPad battery at least need to increase 50%. ”

Previously, CNET new iPad battery life test results show that the new iPad uninterrupted battery life when playing movie files to 12.8 hours, the iPad 2 battery life of 14.2 hours.

PARTD: LED cactus potted Lamp is as a green plants are placed in the living room, we can call this night light LiveLamp, it is a very good choose to increase the greenery and clean air, and it is a good  night lights for kids, if the plant combine with home, not only the creative fashion, but also save space, it is killing two birds with one stone.

This resembles a cactus LiveLamp potted lights, thick shade of glass blowing equidistant “species” on something like a spider plants need only a little UV lamps to provide air and a little water can survive plants. Night lights become creative pots placed in the living room and is full of personality.

PARTE: the boxing LED light (PunchTheLighting): urban white-collar workers every day to be pressure from all sides the weight of breathless, put on a boxing sandbag can extract at home, can alleviate the boredom of the mood, but also exercise. Combine lighting with this boxing bag and let you hit more fun. I have not ideas wether it is 12 volt LED lights.

Light of this boxing boxing sandbag-like inflatable transparent airbag installed a secure and stable LED light source, on / off lights to blow it, only to meet the lighting needs, but also the way to vent is not very creative? More led lighting such as best LED flashlight, Headlamps, desk lamps and others.

Small, but it can bring great help to many families need it. You certainly have used this system to automatically play to young children to play the fairy tale. But for many of the very old and blind friends, sometimes they would particularly like to read newspapers and magazines can be invigorating. Now this is no longer a problem, and designers from the Netherlands, the reader of this sound. It works is simple, the tile will need to read newspapers or text placed by the equipment to read the scan can identify and distinguish the text on the target at high speed, and read out through the built-in microphone, to help the user to listen to all kinds of information.

Every time when we walked the dark street or corridor, we always want to use the LED flashlight application in the phone to help us out of darkness, but the reaction of these applications let us feel very ashamed. Today we bring this emergency flashlight: the Rescue Flashlight “is a rapid response, there will be no drag.


This interface is simple, and emphasized the use of in case of emergency Zhuang adjust the strobe frequency piece design on a similar amplifier volume knob, and still quite creative. In addition, the software open the best LED flashlight so that there is a very surreal sound effects, sound like science fiction laser empowerment, it is very interesting!

“Emergency flashlight: the Rescue Flashlight claim App Store, start the fastest flashlight application opens automatically light up, are far better than then press a button to fast, but many similar applications can achieve surprising. Software with an emergency button is pressed to activate the LED strobe function, the screen will start flashing, and a loud alarm sound, and by the previously mentioned knob, you can also set the frequency of the strobe.


Software small, we may wish to bookmark a, to prepare for contingencies. In other software have begun to join the advertising, emergency flashlight: Rescue Flashlight “insisted that no advertising is still very rare.

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“Paint” out the lighting: Draw the Lights

It allows the ceiling into a grid by a “canvas” consisting of number of LED group,  the light pen in the hands is a painting of the “brush”, when the beam of the light pen illuminate to a specific LED group, these LED will be lit, and the brightness and color can be set on a light pen. So we can paint on a piece of “canvas” by the pen. Moreover, the LED brightness can be achieved very strong level, so these “paintings” also can be a great lighting, each will not re-sample, Suah as I need night lights for kids, and it can do to or me.

Clearly, if the light was “painted” (Draw the Lights) with mass production which can bring a considerable degree a convenient to life, for instance any location in our home lit a shape is always brush control lights including 12 volt LED lights , but also we can change their patterns at any time in accordance with the atmosphere or mood.

PUYL pump LED  flashlight, blowing up it can be generate the power

This PUYL pump flashlight is brought by the designers Formpasch, it makes pump and LED flashlight into one, when you cheer or like twitching a few pumps, it will be able to issue a power to light up the LED light , and excess electricity will be stored in the built-in battery.

PUYL was using the lamp front side of the gas needle layout program, and it can be directly mounted on the bike tripod beams, it is very easy to use.

Chemistry looks like nothing to do with art, but after the ingenious idea of the designers, Chemistry and art can produce substantial contact: this special chandelier is constituted by the dozens of the test tubes that are commonly used in chemical experiments, not only it is suitable for separate use, once the test tubes are filled with colored liquid or fresh flowers, it will create a more aesthetic sense of art.

Home appliances of low-carbon energy boom has been sustained in recently, Muji launched a folding solar charging LED lamp, which combines fashion, energy and space-saving in one of three wishes once met.

The LED table lamp built-in 3.7V 300mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery can be folded into a small rectangle when not in use and very convenient for storage and carrying, and weighs only 150g, and placed in the outdoor sunny, about 6 to 12 hours can the internal battery is full, about four hours of lighting. When the sun is not enough, we can use ordinary household outlet charging, only 2 to 3 hours can be filled.

Folding design is easy to incorporate and carry

Light with adjustable brightness

There are two switching modes in the lighting: you can switch to high-brightness mode when the brightness is insufficient, increase the range of lighting and it can last about two hours when the battery is full conditions. The rechargeable solar-powered LED lamp is scheduled to be listed on February 17, price for 2900JPY.

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