Hands-Free Magnet LED lights

Posted: February 24, 2012 in LED Lamps

Sometimes there is a small and narrow place without light in the daily life, it is really inconvenient that we may meet with some situation like small things fell into the cracks, or light bulbs were broken at home, whether to repair or to find things, we will need to light the auxiliary, in order to more accurately find the location of a problem. This time, this light can be without the handheld, and it also be able to play a big benefit with the multi-angle distortion of the lamps!

This hands-free LED lamp type specifically embarrassed designed to engage the angle was a square flat plane embedded with 16 LED bulbs, the irradiated light enough to maintain the brightness of the room after the blackout. Flat material made of silicone, so you can turn – twist into a number of specific point of view, similar like paper design to reduce the effective thickness, into the many gaps in line with life in a variety of needs to light the place. There is a small rear handle, the top uses two powerful magnets, can be adsorbed on a variety of steel materials, even if there is no adsorption point can also be bent into a hook-shaped, hanging on the windowsill or standing on the ground, quite easy to use. Bulb itself using the battery, so no need for additional electrical connection, so that you can use the place more free.

Through the bending of this LED board, the light source can be more focused in a regional, so when repairing computer, you can see more clearly the components within the enclosure.

When the car breaks down, you can always remove the LED board space absorption in the body, immediately for the car inspection or maintenance.

When no place is fixed, it can stand on the floor with the back magnet and battery weight steadily as a tripod, support the weight of the top of the LED panel.


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