Amazing Wedge High Heel Shoes with LED Lights

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Shoes

Keep them coming back more than just your actions light up the dance floor with remote control 12 volt LED lights, old-fashioned wedge high heels. This is annoying, but the stylish women who love lace and jewelery shoes and an old-fashioned talent perfect footwear. Statement shoes has long and stylish, but I think I can only see the most resounding statement.

One of a class of high heels is loud, that’s for sure. And they are colorful in the most unconventional way: they attach importance to their LED lights lit up in several different colors. Using the remote control, can set the light color and light style, such as slow or fast fading color. You can even play flash your own flashing footwear.

These gorgeous heels of the “steam punk”, decorated with lace and rhinestone embellishment and the parties. The edge of the shoe is lined with smoked glass beads and retro charm, so that the Gothic atmosphere of the shoes in my opinion.

The coolest thing in these high heels (and the reason they Technabob LED lights placed in the first place). I mean, yes, they are not the first pair of shoes, light up, but they are I’ve seen in a very long time to do high heels.

They also almost only I know, to the remote, so you can set the color of LED lights and the speed of the decision how fast you want them faded or light. I can see someone wearing high heels dancing on the floor.

We have many kinds of amazing  LED lighting such as night lights for kids, mini led flashlight and so on, come to tmart, and shop now!


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