Clip LED Lights Made from Recycled Materials

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Light Gadgets
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This kind of 12 volt LED lights like those clothes clip was commonly used by clip home clothes, which was designed by designer Natasha Romanova, he so-called that he can bring light to every part of the home. This section unique lamp advocate minimalism and function is supreme. So inspiration comes with clothes clip.

The clip was make from the recycling materials waterproof with six LED light bulb and two rechargeable batteries. It use the tree wireless charger to chargw, is that very unique!

It can be used in wet or cold environment, it is also used as night lights for kids. each clip can be control switch alone. It can be just caught in the object surface when it is used. Charge 30 to 40 minutes can use four to five hours.

The unique design of lamp to make it can be used both in the room inside and outside.

Next time I will introduce mini led flashlight.


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