The Luminarie De Cagna Cathedral of 55,000 exhibition LED lights

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Decoration Lights

Recently, Ghent, Belgium 2012 light art festival, Luminarie De Cagna Cathedral is decorated by 5000 12 volt LED lights, 28 meters high and very magnificent, which is the most dazzling exhibition project. When night falls, exposuring under the colorful light of the church, as the people all come to the heaven.

Nearly 30 works were exhibited in the 2012 Light Festival, including a lot of 3D projection. Mapping technology works and luminous flowers-domain works. Which also saw the famous public phone booth aquarium (glowing phone booth aquarium).


Ghent in Belgium is the first city to have a comprehensive plan designed lighting for this. The Festival of Light wants to bring the plane of light in the spotlight and reveal a glimpse of the unique charm and delights of the city. During the Festival of Light you can take an exploratory trip down the runway in winter Ghent city center and take in the most exciting experiences of light. A subtle play of rays reflecting on the water surface, unexpected projections on buildings, poetic shadows playing in the twilight among the city’s hidden treasures. About fifteen internationally renowned artists and lighting designers (including our company) will lead you in the darkest days of the year, along a 6 km. On some unique places, both inside and outside, you can admire the works of artists of light. Like a huge night lights for kids.

LED light features:

To maintain the same form as the old bulb, operated by the same electrical network and in the same holder, to 14V, only a small device or a change in operating this way, the possibility of solving the probblema security, another problem involving the bed world lighting such as led flashlight, optical effects are much better, because the color is true, did not get by adding colored plastic.

The advantages of LED lights:

Longer duration (the incandescent 2000-4000 – 70000h LED) – no maintenance – reducing energy consumption decreased by 90% – wear light from scratch – better impact resistance, because most of the plastic.

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