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Spring is coming, a lot of travel enthusiasts are preparing travel plans, travel has not without the T-shirt, food, live line equipment, etc. a variety of portable equipment will not only allow the baggage to greatly reducing the burden, but also practical, stylish, increasingly more become the choice of everyone’s mind. Issue, we have to take stock of the popular portable digital equipment for your ” travel information” to be prepared in advance!

Portable charger

Practicality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Portable degree: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In order to cope with the half-way phone battery died, most people will own a battery. But the road calls, take pictures, navigation, hair microblogging, listening to

Music …… how the two batteries is enough? The journey generally very difficult to find the power, at the moment, portable charger of great use!

The reporter visits Foshan Fortune Computer City, a portable charger on the market quite a lot. The current market than the mainstream portable charger, power supply capacity of more than 2200 mA and 4400 mA, the former price of 90 yuan, which was about 130 yuan. Generally used for mobile phone or tablet charging more choice of more than 4400 mA (probably for a cell phone to charge 3 to 4 times power).

Function, for the 7th, the portable charger rechargeable AA batteries, Apple’s cell phone and tablet portable charger, suitable for a variety of handsets, flat panel, PSP, MP3, cameras and other digital equipment, multi-functional portable charging , support for solar, as well as with LED lighting. Power capacity, from 1000 mA to 20,000 mA ranges. The brand is numerous, high-profile product wins, Yu Bo, electrically small two Patriot and other.

● The product wins easy to charge the mobile power

The characteristics of this product is stylish, compact, pure white shape, feel sleek, palm-sized, easy to carry, quick charge. Easy to charge the two have a T-type mini USB interface and a standard USB interface also comes with an Apple data lines, two Mini USB cable, adapter most of the mainstream digital products. Even if the adapter is not, can rest assured that their own data lines inserted in the standard USB interface to charge the battery, very human.

● Apple phone plug-in battery

Angry bird, Hello Kitty, mouth monkey, One Piece … a variety of favorite cartoon character pattern is a beautiful coat of this plug-in battery. Although the battery capacity is not large, but the victory in a cheap and convenient. Directly into the Apple phone can be charged.

● Solar mobile phone charger

The biggest bright spot of this charger is on the sun can be automatically charged, though a bit slow, filled with a mobile phone it would take a very long time. But this is for friends like outdoor tourism, is a good choice. Of course, this product can also be the electric charge and can be adapted to a variety of handsets of Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Sony Ericsson, and some models with LED lights, fully consider the need for outdoor travelers.

Practicality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Portable degree: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I believe that everyone has been no stranger to the wireless router. Wireless Internet access at home or office, this tool is essential. Smart phones, laptops, iPad …… as a network of people you always want to find Wi-Fi, anywhere, portable wireless router (also called “mini wireless routers) will make your presence. Mini wireless routers, by definition is smaller and more small, the only palm-sized antenna, broadband port only 1 ~ 2, but with a USB port, can be used to charge or plug the wireless card.

The purpose of this “little guy” is quite extensive, whether home, office, hotel, train station or outdoor, network it can let you in all directions immediately filled with the Wi-Fi.

In general, portable wireless router can be divided into two categories, 3G and non 3G. The former can plug the wireless network card (generally three major operators of wireless network card can be used), while the latter is not. Mainstream market is 150Mbps wireless network transmission speeds ranging from 54Mbps ~ 300Mbps. Although can be used for multiple users, but the reporter observed, if you use wireless Internet, more than 2 or more, the speed will be very slow.

● Tenda 3G150B

Wireless router

The product is only one power port, a broadband port, a USB port, the shape is not fancy. 3G wireless Internet access, but can support 3G network card compatible with the three operators, built-in 1500 mA battery to support the computer power supply, the price is reasonable. It allows wireless signal amplifier, can also support wireless Internet access, encryption technology, faster.

Mini stereo

Practicality: ★ ★ ★

Portable degree: ★ ★ ★ ★

Journey, accompanied by music, fun much more natural. Independence, Better Together, listening to headphones, the sound of the loud voice is naturally more imaginative fun. At present, the sound of the market mini-numerous, but to find good sound quality, compatibility, battery, durable and really small.

It is understood that the mini stereo can be divided into two types, one is simply a sound partner, can be inserted in the mobile phones, PSP, tablet, laptop and MP3 and other digital devices; a sound card, you can directly music playback SD card or U disk, some with a radio function.

● card small speakers

Can hold in your hand sound card can play the music of the SD card or U disk, and some with the radio function. Although the sound quality in general, the radio function is better than no, but to play the stories and songs for the children, or a good choice.

Travel E kit

The best digital equipment package

Time to pack up, may wish to set up a separate bag or small bag for digital equipment, on the one hand, easy to store carry, but it is also convenient to check for yourself. Because these large and small digital equipment, such as data lines, a small plug, wireless card, etc., are generally more scattered and more miscellaneous, and sometimes a data line forgot, but also make your entire journey regret, so the pack must find clearly used what digital products, and the power of these digital products, accessories, has been put on. And most importantly, must be exhausted after homing, Do not throw in a corner, Oh.

In addition, remember to bring along a porous socket. Although most of the hotels also provide himself with, no matter when and where is more convenient. If traveling abroad friends, but also to prepare the conversion socket.

Hands-Free Magnet LED lights

Posted: February 24, 2012 in LED Lamps

Sometimes there is a small and narrow place without light in the daily life, it is really inconvenient that we may meet with some situation like small things fell into the cracks, or light bulbs were broken at home, whether to repair or to find things, we will need to light the auxiliary, in order to more accurately find the location of a problem. This time, this light can be without the handheld, and it also be able to play a big benefit with the multi-angle distortion of the lamps!

This hands-free LED lamp type specifically embarrassed designed to engage the angle was a square flat plane embedded with 16 LED bulbs, the irradiated light enough to maintain the brightness of the room after the blackout. Flat material made of silicone, so you can turn – twist into a number of specific point of view, similar like paper design to reduce the effective thickness, into the many gaps in line with life in a variety of needs to light the place. There is a small rear handle, the top uses two powerful magnets, can be adsorbed on a variety of steel materials, even if there is no adsorption point can also be bent into a hook-shaped, hanging on the windowsill or standing on the ground, quite easy to use. Bulb itself using the battery, so no need for additional electrical connection, so that you can use the place more free.

Through the bending of this LED board, the light source can be more focused in a regional, so when repairing computer, you can see more clearly the components within the enclosure.

When the car breaks down, you can always remove the LED board space absorption in the body, immediately for the car inspection or maintenance.

When no place is fixed, it can stand on the floor with the back magnet and battery weight steadily as a tripod, support the weight of the top of the LED panel.

This is the latest design work of the designer Ben Oostrum, thisfun LED lights make light reflection by the white shade of the roof to achieve the lighting effects. And this design was constituted by the sheet metal and rope. Designers refer to the shape of the suspension leaves to design the shape, and decorated with orange, green, black and white, the customer can be in different colors according to their preferences customized.

Oblique lighting style makes a awesome environment. Because there isn’t always a light roof at hand we made the decision to make a roof in our light fixture. The outcome is this lively table lamp which comes in several colors and with various wires.

Keep them coming back more than just your actions light up the dance floor with remote control 12 volt LED lights, old-fashioned wedge high heels. This is annoying, but the stylish women who love lace and jewelery shoes and an old-fashioned talent perfect footwear. Statement shoes has long and stylish, but I think I can only see the most resounding statement.

One of a class of high heels is loud, that’s for sure. And they are colorful in the most unconventional way: they attach importance to their LED lights lit up in several different colors. Using the remote control, can set the light color and light style, such as slow or fast fading color. You can even play flash your own flashing footwear.

These gorgeous heels of the “steam punk”, decorated with lace and rhinestone embellishment and the parties. The edge of the shoe is lined with smoked glass beads and retro charm, so that the Gothic atmosphere of the shoes in my opinion.

The coolest thing in these high heels (and the reason they Technabob LED lights placed in the first place). I mean, yes, they are not the first pair of shoes, light up, but they are I’ve seen in a very long time to do high heels.

They also almost only I know, to the remote, so you can set the color of LED lights and the speed of the decision how fast you want them faded or light. I can see someone wearing high heels dancing on the floor.

We have many kinds of amazing  LED lighting such as night lights for kids, mini led flashlight and so on, come to tmart, and shop now!

This kind of 12 volt LED lights like those clothes clip was commonly used by clip home clothes, which was designed by designer Natasha Romanova, he so-called that he can bring light to every part of the home. This section unique lamp advocate minimalism and function is supreme. So inspiration comes with clothes clip.

The clip was make from the recycling materials waterproof with six LED light bulb and two rechargeable batteries. It use the tree wireless charger to chargw, is that very unique!

It can be used in wet or cold environment, it is also used as night lights for kids. each clip can be control switch alone. It can be just caught in the object surface when it is used. Charge 30 to 40 minutes can use four to five hours.

The unique design of lamp to make it can be used both in the room inside and outside.

Next time I will introduce mini led flashlight.

PowerSecure International, Inc. (NASDAQ: POWR) announced that it has received fromthe three large retailers, worth a total of $ 15 million of orders for the new LED lights. These new orders are related to the company’s EfficientLights LED lighting technology, including the company’s per-store product line. These retailers reason for these reasons of green technology investments, reduce mercury-containing fluorescent lamps and light life expectancy five times inorder to improve the quality of their store fixtures, and reduce their energy consumption by about70%.

Recently, Ghent, Belgium 2012 light art festival, Luminarie De Cagna Cathedral is decorated by 5000 12 volt LED lights, 28 meters high and very magnificent, which is the most dazzling exhibition project. When night falls, exposuring under the colorful light of the church, as the people all come to the heaven.

Nearly 30 works were exhibited in the 2012 Light Festival, including a lot of 3D projection. Mapping technology works and luminous flowers-domain works. Which also saw the famous public phone booth aquarium (glowing phone booth aquarium).


Ghent in Belgium is the first city to have a comprehensive plan designed lighting for this. The Festival of Light wants to bring the plane of light in the spotlight and reveal a glimpse of the unique charm and delights of the city. During the Festival of Light you can take an exploratory trip down the runway in winter Ghent city center and take in the most exciting experiences of light. A subtle play of rays reflecting on the water surface, unexpected projections on buildings, poetic shadows playing in the twilight among the city’s hidden treasures. About fifteen internationally renowned artists and lighting designers (including our company) will lead you in the darkest days of the year, along a 6 km. On some unique places, both inside and outside, you can admire the works of artists of light. Like a huge night lights for kids.

LED light features:

To maintain the same form as the old bulb, operated by the same electrical network and in the same holder, to 14V, only a small device or a change in operating this way, the possibility of solving the probblema security, another problem involving the bed world lighting such as led flashlight, optical effects are much better, because the color is true, did not get by adding colored plastic.

The advantages of LED lights:

Longer duration (the incandescent 2000-4000 – 70000h LED) – no maintenance – reducing energy consumption decreased by 90% – wear light from scratch – better impact resistance, because most of the plastic.