Cree Introduced new LED Lighting, Accelerating the Adoption of LED Lighting

Posted: January 17, 2012 in LED News

Market leader in the field of LED lighting – Cree Inc. announced the groundbreaking of XLamp ® XB-DLED, which accelerate new generation of mainstream popularity of LED lighting. XLamp ® XB-DLED is the first use of the latest Cree LED innovative technology platform, and pull the cost of lighting-class LED into a new era. The LED can further simplify the design, virtually eliminating a key barrier of LED constraints universal- pre-system cost. more related items:12v led bulbs

Cree XLamp ® XB-DLED the cost of other LED products at twice the industry’s smallest 2.5mm × 2.5mm lighting-class package, the more XLamp ® XPLED smaller package size compared to 48%, to meet the needs of high lumen density and compact light lighting applications. A new generation of lighting-class LED using new innovative technology, and LED and optical components used to reduce the number of one-third of the traditional design, and can significantly reduce circuit board size, which can significantly reduce costs.more related items:12 volt led light bulbs

Cree LED components, senior marketing director MikeWatson said: “As an industry leader, Cree will breakthrough LED lighting technology to promote innovation and change. This new platform through the use of, Cree has fundamentally redefined our customers a new benchmark price.more related items:12 volt LED lights

Only improve the brightness of the LED is not enough, but also the need to improve return on investment LED lighting products and market acceptance. ”

XLamp ® XB-DLED proven use the Cree’s silicon carbide technology. In the current of 350mA drive current and 85°C temperature conditions, the cold white (6000K) XB-DLED luminous flux and luminous efficiency were 139lm and 136lm / W, warm white (3000K) XB-DLED luminous flux and luminous efficiency were 107lm and 105lm / W . XB-DLED be compatible with the XP series is the most widely used secondary optics to speed up the process of optical design, and directly reduce costs of the existing XP-based series design.


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