Three Creative Light Useful for Life

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Light Gadgets

This is determined by three Norwegian designers (Marianne Varmo, Heidi Buene, and Audun Kollstad) to design petals chandeliers, it is suitable as kids night lights. when it closed, it likes a bud, and when you open it, it will be like a flower blooming. Even more interesting is that when you sleep at night, it will slowly shut down.

The same as reading lights, this night light also allows you to exclusive light without affecting the others rest. It is small and light, the lamp can be free to distort, the base has a very strong adsorption capacity, can easily be glued to the laptop screen to illuminate the entire keyboard area, which is convenient to use the computer at night. Read more: 12v led bulbs

UFO has been the unknown mystery for human, which is disc shaped, can be high-speed rotation, super-fast and so on. And when you suddenly see a luminous disc rotating objects in the air at home, it will not be surprised to see a UFO? In actual fact, this is a UFO chandelier designed by Baita designer, suspend levitation light by magnetic in the air. Read more:12 volt led light bulbs


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