Wonderful Creative Nordic Ice Lights – Classic Christmas Gift

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Light Gadgets

Block Lamp has been hailed as a classic Scandinavian design, which is the most important works in the history of mankind’s design, it fully demonstrates perfect blend of creativity the glass, the light changes and brainwave, which show the warm of the bulbs in the ice , a strong contrast makes a memorable. More information: 12 volt LED lights


The designer Harri Koskinen fame because of this works, when he was just a students in the Helsinki University of Art, he took thedesign sketch to find Sweden’s Design House Stockholm company, although the concept has been surprised by the founder of Design House Stockholm Anders Fardig, but in order to produce out this work, they spent an unimaginable effort.

The whole production is artificial cast, and after a long period of cooling, so that it can ensure that in the face of rapid temperature changes, will not produce the phenomenon of strong turtle. Thick glass, both clear, but also the feeling of ice pattern crack, but also to withstand the temperature of the lamp is not hot, only slightly from the glass revealing the warmth. These requirements are for the production is a major challenge. More information: cheap LED light bulbs

In order to show the intensity and beauty, ratio is more important, proportion of the length, width, high must be just right.

After discussing the process, the final appearance of ice lights finally was born in 1997, , award-winning.

Suggested using the occasion:

Living room: Experience Stockholm IceBar with an ice lights and Lounge music,

Restaurant: Great dining atmosphere point ice light at the table

Bedroom: Go to bed with a small light intensity as kids night lights to fall asleep with some music

Garden: No matter there is someone or noone in garden, it is beautiful decoration

Bathroom: To be a mood magician with a Ice light,

Other: there are reception room, brainstorming workshops, bars, cafes, place ice lights with a different taste

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