DIY Beautiful Lamps With LED lights

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Lighting

Simple and beautiful chandeliers office cover

For office workers, folders are the most commonly used, but have you ever thought to have a simple transformation to more transparent envelope, it can become angular shade, which will be a beautiful and practical chandelier with the cheap led light bulbs, LED is the health of low-carbon, and LED light temperature is relatively low, safe to use, will not melt the plastic. Don’t throw the folder, which can turn ordinary folder into something wonderful just with a little creativity, this is the transformation of waste re-use, so finding more beauty in the simple life.

Interestingly coil lamp

Do you like to roll ball of yarn, it meet your fun now, a roll out of the body such as winding mummy lamps, which is from designer Craighton Berman, this coil lamp can be rolled yourself, layer upon layer lamp cable was roll into a hollow shade, built-in 12 volt led light bulbs to light let the wound interesting, to avoid direct glare LED light, you can do it yourself, winding out the line so character lamp on the living room table, it is condensation but not simple, choosing orange wires make the room warmer.

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