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Hourglass Chair

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Gadgetgs

You can see a hourglass under the chair, it takes 5 minutes, fixed time to rest, it costs $ 69.

Singapore Technologies Bluetree produce Kube2 MP3 which is the world’s smallest touch player, and there is also a generation before, second generation compared to it, the second one is formed by the aluminum and the touch screen, if you feel too monotonous appearance you can also paste a layer of pictures is your favorite.

The battery can listen for six hours, it also determines that it can be completed within an hour of charging, maximum support 32G SD card can be put 8000 songs, the biggest feature is very small. Its current price is $ 35.

As Christmas approaches, known as Taiwan’s highest Christmas tree was officially lit in the new Taipei in Taiwan recently, the height of the tree is about 33 meters high andfitted with 120,000 LED bulbs is brightness as 12 volt LED lights while the neighboring county public road is also covered lighting on both sides, 2 km light sea extends from the public square to the Fuchu district, so that the public enjoy the rich atmosphere of Christmas in advance.

This Taiwan’s highest Christmas tree is formed by the 1600 vines, and sparkling 12v LED bulbs to string together is a full 12,000 meters long. Meanwhile, there are 2 km long light sea tunnel embraced the tall Christmas tree shining in the side, so Itabashi filled with thick Christmas atmosphere.

Modular Light Kit

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Light Gadgets

Loomi is a modular and spray light, which is made ​​from high quality recycled paper, 33 papers can be formed at least tens of shapes, according to their own creative fantasy, can be dyed, glued or otherwise modified, different penetration and different colors create the different beautiful light.

This is determined by three Norwegian designers (Marianne Varmo, Heidi Buene, and Audun Kollstad) to design petals chandeliers, it is suitable as kids night lights. when it closed, it likes a bud, and when you open it, it will be like a flower blooming. Even more interesting is that when you sleep at night, it will slowly shut down.

The same as reading lights, this night light also allows you to exclusive light without affecting the others rest. It is small and light, the lamp can be free to distort, the base has a very strong adsorption capacity, can easily be glued to the laptop screen to illuminate the entire keyboard area, which is convenient to use the computer at night. Read more: 12v led bulbs

UFO has been the unknown mystery for human, which is disc shaped, can be high-speed rotation, super-fast and so on. And when you suddenly see a luminous disc rotating objects in the air at home, it will not be surprised to see a UFO? In actual fact, this is a UFO chandelier designed by Baita designer, suspend levitation light by magnetic in the air. Read more:12 volt led light bulbs

Block Lamp has been hailed as a classic Scandinavian design, which is the most important works in the history of mankind’s design, it fully demonstrates perfect blend of creativity the glass, the light changes and brainwave, which show the warm of the bulbs in the ice , a strong contrast makes a memorable. More information: 12 volt LED lights


The designer Harri Koskinen fame because of this works, when he was just a students in the Helsinki University of Art, he took thedesign sketch to find Sweden’s Design House Stockholm company, although the concept has been surprised by the founder of Design House Stockholm Anders Fardig, but in order to produce out this work, they spent an unimaginable effort.

The whole production is artificial cast, and after a long period of cooling, so that it can ensure that in the face of rapid temperature changes, will not produce the phenomenon of strong turtle. Thick glass, both clear, but also the feeling of ice pattern crack, but also to withstand the temperature of the lamp is not hot, only slightly from the glass revealing the warmth. These requirements are for the production is a major challenge. More information: cheap LED light bulbs

In order to show the intensity and beauty, ratio is more important, proportion of the length, width, high must be just right.

After discussing the process, the final appearance of ice lights finally was born in 1997, , award-winning.

Suggested using the occasion:

Living room: Experience Stockholm IceBar with an ice lights and Lounge music,

Restaurant: Great dining atmosphere point ice light at the table

Bedroom: Go to bed with a small light intensity as kids night lights to fall asleep with some music

Garden: No matter there is someone or noone in garden, it is beautiful decoration

Bathroom: To be a mood magician with a Ice light,

Other: there are reception room, brainstorming workshops, bars, cafes, place ice lights with a different taste

DIY Beautiful Lamps With LED lights

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Lighting

Simple and beautiful chandeliers office cover

For office workers, folders are the most commonly used, but have you ever thought to have a simple transformation to more transparent envelope, it can become angular shade, which will be a beautiful and practical chandelier with the cheap led light bulbs, LED is the health of low-carbon, and LED light temperature is relatively low, safe to use, will not melt the plastic. Don’t throw the folder, which can turn ordinary folder into something wonderful just with a little creativity, this is the transformation of waste re-use, so finding more beauty in the simple life.

Interestingly coil lamp

Do you like to roll ball of yarn, it meet your fun now, a roll out of the body such as winding mummy lamps, which is from designer Craighton Berman, this coil lamp can be rolled yourself, layer upon layer lamp cable was roll into a hollow shade, built-in 12 volt led light bulbs to light let the wound interesting, to avoid direct glare LED light, you can do it yourself, winding out the line so character lamp on the living room table, it is condensation but not simple, choosing orange wires make the room warmer.