Fluffy LED light Pillow Captured Girls’ Hearts

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Lighting

In such a cold winter night, the LED light-emitting pillow let the each night be full of warmth and romance. The LED light-emitting pillow was first designed by Taiwanese designers DianaLin team which delicate touch and perception through a combination of LED optical technology, made ​​of a variety of the pillow’s shapes, built-in light which is less than 12 volt LED light bulb, can light color, low power consumption, only three batteries to be sufficient for one month. At night, holding the light and comfortable pillows, driving music, read a book or chat, LED technology allows you to live such a soft light surrounded by happiness.

The LED light-emitting pillow are the most deadly for the girl, perhaps every girl needs a pillow to take their sensitive and gentle, perhaps we need to have a bright night light to dispel loneliness to protect their fragile hearts. Then the LED lighting design on the pillow is the fashion gift that know the most heart Philippine girls, Christmas and Valentine’s Day it is as the best gift enough to capture the hearts and minds for a girl.


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