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the art of high-heel shoe

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Shoes

Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi, his design work is very close to the sculpture. Each shoes are his personally designed and hand-finished in work rooms. Here we introduce some of his recent design work, which covers many topics, including rubber, duck, Madonna and so on.

“Slide” inspiration came from there are always feet slip to the front of shoe when the women wear high heels. The half-jokingly-style design made the color red, yellow, blue and slide as the basic design elements of shoes, using a ladder for high heels heel.

The main tone of  is warm, crystal candle chandelier adds a romantic elegant atmosphere to create a warm, elegant atmosphere of simple European life.

In the European style, the candles are indispensable decorations with flickering candlelight and romantic music, which outlines the European life style. It can be said that candle lights fit the moment that the performance of consumer groups seek the fashion European home. Old candle-shaped candle was insteaded of flame-shaped head, not only retained the beautiful shaped of the candle, and save the inconvenience of burning candles.

In such a cold winter night, the LED light-emitting pillow let the each night be full of warmth and romance. The LED light-emitting pillow was first designed by Taiwanese designers DianaLin team which delicate touch and perception through a combination of LED optical technology, made ​​of a variety of the pillow’s shapes, built-in light which is less than 12 volt LED light bulb, can light color, low power consumption, only three batteries to be sufficient for one month. At night, holding the light and comfortable pillows, driving music, read a book or chat, LED technology allows you to live such a soft light surrounded by happiness.

The LED light-emitting pillow are the most deadly for the girl, perhaps every girl needs a pillow to take their sensitive and gentle, perhaps we need to have a bright night light to dispel loneliness to protect their fragile hearts. Then the LED lighting design on the pillow is the fashion gift that know the most heart Philippine girls, Christmas and Valentine’s Day it is as the best gift enough to capture the hearts and minds for a girl.

Improved Light Bulb

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Lighting

Germany company has recently designed a series of improved bulled LED bulbs, the size shape and brightness are similar with incandescent bulbs, but the electric power consumption is only 85%. A single LED bulb consist of the 11 dim LED light module, this is 12 volt led light bulb, but it can provide the equivalent of 60-watt incandescent bulb brightness.

Fluorescent light bulbs is another energy-saving light bulbs, its temperature is low, white light. By contrast with fluorescent lamps, the designer set bulled color temperature to 2800K, it can send warm and natural light. Because of the special shape of the bulb, it can scatter out 330 degrees. Its life is 80,000 hours that can be used within 80 yearsin normal. Can we find it at online shop with worldwide free shipping, I have not idea.

Hexagonal LED Watch

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Accessory


This hexagonal LED watches is brought by the architect Samuel Jerichow for those who like to decrypt puzzle enthusiasts.

There are several hexagons on the dial, each side are used by neon tubes. Green represents hours, blue for minutes. It also provides the wearer five different difficulty settings.

Nightclub LED Lighting

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Lighting

With theatrical stage, nightclub and light show equipment you can add an edge to your venue that will be unforgettable. Add some fog machines to your light show and send your productions to the top. LED light is one of the newest introductions to the all kinds of lighting products on the market. These are the LEDs and the characteristics of this modern lighting elements is such that they are an excellent complement to the disco lights. And it can be ascertained beyond doubt that the nightclub LED lighting is the best choice because it is not only cheap, and it is certainly there, but it offers excellent lighting while saving power and provides precision and control over the nightclub lighting effects.

The disco elegant LED lighting is its versatility. How you can use the LED lights are only limited to your imagination. You can use regular lighting in areas such as the entrance and stairs, where applicable, where appropriate lighting is a must to avoid accidents. Since the LED light produces an intense and a single beam of light that can be used to select or focus on a particular area. This implies that these errors can be used as wall decoration all paintings and sculptures to enhance any theme night club in particular.

Another way of LED lighting club can be exploited to develop a diffuse light so that the general lighting is provided, while the light source remains undefined. This is usually seen with the inside of the wall of lights and lighting cube seat. Moreover nightclub LED lighting can also be used to determine the dance floor and make it more attractive or inviting. LEDs are very small, and the lighting is such that it can easily be made into any color of light available in the color spectrum. Therefore, it can be used to produce a lighting effect of the heat, hot and exotic on the dance floor. And in addition to being able to produce the desired effect of these lights use much less power and power is not present. There will be no requirement for additional cooling effect.

Therefore, it is found that there are a number of advantages in choosing LED lighting nightclub. For starters, LED lighting provides a source of intense light and yet do not require large amounts of energy to operate. In addition, these LED lights are very robust and does not need to be replaced frequently. And since they can be easily controlled and provides greater accuracy compared to other light products nightclub LED lighting is a good choice.

Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent lamp is also known as light bulb, it works by filament generate the heat by the current(tungsten wire, the melting point of 3,000 degrees Celsius), helical filament continued to gather heat, so that the filament reach the temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius, it is in incandescent state, it can emit light, as the same like red-hot iron to light. The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter light, so it is called incandescent. When incandescent lamp light, a large amount of energy turn into heat, only a few (probably less than 1%, not calculated) can be transformed into useful energy.

Incandescent light is given full shade, but the proportion of shade from the light emitting element material (tungsten) and the temperature of the decision. Ratio imbalance has led to a light color cast, so the color of the object under incandescent lamp not true.

Incandescent lamp with the filament temperature, since the higher the temperature, the easier the filament sublimation. Fluorescent black at both ends of the process are: the sublimation of tungsten tungsten gas directly into these lower temperatures encountered in gas tungsten lamp wall and condensate in the tube wall and black, when the tungsten L

China to the more slender, the power after it is easy to blow, ending the life of the lamp. Therefore, the greater the power of incandescent lamps.

Fluorescent Lamps

Also known as fluorescent lamps, it works: Simply put fluorescent tubes gas discharge tube is closed. The main gas pipe for the argon (argon) gas (also contains neon neon or krypton krypton) atmospheric pressure of about 0.3%. Also contains a few drops of mercury – the formation of trace amounts of water silver steam. Mercury atoms about one-thousandth of all the gas atoms ratio.

Fluorescent tubes are relying on atomic mercury lamp, gas discharge process by the release of UV light (wavelength of 2537 angstroms main = 2537 × 10-10m). Energy consumed by about 60% can be converted to UV light. Other energy is converted to heat.

Fluorescent light from the fluorescent lamp inside surface of the material after the release of visible light absorption of ultraviolet light. Different fluorescent substance emits visible light different. General efficiency of UV light into visible light is about 40%. Therefore, the efficiency of fluorescent lamps is about 60% × 40% = 24% – about the same power tungsten lamp twice.

Energy-saving lamps

Also known as energy-saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFL lamp abroad referred to) has a high luminous efficiency (5 times the ordinary light bulb), significant energy savings, long life (which is 8 times the normal light bulb), small size, ease of use. It works basically the same and fluorescent lamps.
Energy-saving lamps in addition to white (cold) outside, there is also warm light. In general, under the same wattage, an energy-saving 80% energy saving than incandescent lamps, eight times the average life expectancy, only 20% of thermal radiation. Non-stringent conditions, a 5-watt energy-efficient lighting can be considered as such according to

25-watt incandescent lamp, according to 7-watt energy-saving light equivalent to about 40 watts, 9 watts equivalent to about 60 watts.

LED light Bulbs

LED is Light Emitting Diode, it is a solid-state semiconductor devices can be directly into electricity to light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip, the chip attached to a bracket on one end, one end is negative, the other end to connect the positive power supply, so that the whole chip is epoxy encapsulated.

Semiconductor chip consists of three parts, part of P-type semiconductor, the hole are dominant in it, the other side is the N-type semiconductor, this side mainly has electronics, the middle is usually 1-5 cycles of the quantum well. When the current through the wire act on the chip, electrons and holes will be pushed to the quantum wells, the electron in the quantum well with hole recombination, and then it will be issued in the form of photon energy, which is the principle of LED light.

LED lamps(cheap led light bulbs) have advantages such as small size, low power consumption, long life, non-toxic environmental protection and so on, LED lighting gradually developed into home lighting from outdoor decoration and lighting projects.