Choosing Bike Lights is Different From Flashlights

Posted: October 22, 2011 in Lighting

There are a different design approach between cheap bike lights and flashlights, let me talk about my views for reference only, there are several elements when selecting lights.

1 Brightness: To study the practical effect of lamp luminous flux in units of lumens
Conventional lights use light bulbs including vacuum, krypton, xenon and halogen, luminous efficiency is 10 to 25 lm / W.
Present and future bike use LED light bulbs, there are a high-power and low-power points, light efficiency is 50 to 115 lm / W.
The life of incandescent bulbs shorter than LED, but it is more inexpensive.

2 Life: The important parameter is the continuous lamp lighting time
The key is to achieve sufficient brightness which is the use of time but not the time marked on the package, because some of the seller have one-sided pursuit of sales to lie the brightness of light at the hype and life, as long as we can grasp the following principles
Brightness*Life = brightness integrated energy, battery life is inversely proportional to brightness under the premise of the battery was laid down. The horse that run fast without grazing does not exist.

3 Battery: This is a very important factor, determines the brightness of light and life of the Comprehensive
Commonly used are 5 (AA) and 7 (AAA) batteries, charging the former type of capacity in 1500 to about 2500, which is about 600 ~ 900
Currently have more sales flashlight is 14500,18650 former capacity of about 700, which is about 1800 ~ 2600
Also the use of disposable batteries, but those who use high cost, environmental pollution, to avoid using

4 Easy to operate
Most riders use the flashlight to the evolution of the lights, switching is not convenient in riding in the event of turbulence, one-handed operation is easy to cause the accident, the consequences could be disastrous
Professional bike lights are switch handle, hands on the handlebars to ensure that riders can operate light switches and distance, more convenient and safer

5 Fixation
there is barely a few riders use a flashlight strapped to the bike as a bike light, but the design of flashlight is hand-held, it is easy to auto-dimming and off for bumpy ride , lossing of lighting in the riding is dangerous to you, for you and your family happiness, please choose a professional bike lights.

6 Lighting range
The needs of bike lights are different from flashlights, the flashlight’s spot size is too small that have not left and right vision requirements for driving, and the glare is higher than the center can be resent ment discomfort from face drivers to cause the accident, professional bike lights open vision and more practical.


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