Mounted on wheels LED bicycle light was born

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Lighting

In order to improve the traffic safety for bicycle riders at night, the city can build bike paths. But most important thing is people who drive a car need to see them. A excellent engineer give a set of great solutions: Let bicycles the same as cars with cheap bike lights, there are head light and rear lights.

KentFrankovich is a mechanical engineer in Stanford University and Texas University. One day Ride went home from school, he suddenly wondered why their bicycle headlights off the ground so far, almost can not illuminate the road in front of their own, but also can not let car drivers notice their own. So from October last year, he and two helpers in the transformation of a wheel mounted on the LED lights.

Revolights ring is perforated aluminum alloy wheels, and installed a row of LED lights. When the wheels rotate when, LED light to form an arc in front of the white light to illuminate the road in front of the bike without bright night lights, but behind the red light is to remind the attention of passing vehicles. The light position is the position of the wheel, the driver can easily determine the distance the bike. This is an existing bicycle lighting is difficult to achieve.

Now, Revolight is battery-powered with lithium, Frankovich and his partners want to be able to develop a new version of the energy function to using wheel spin .

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