LED lighting Make a Media Player in Jacky Cheung Tour Concert Stage

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Lighting

The second Jacky Cheung 1 / 2 century tour concert will be held in Nanchang Bayi Stadium in November 6, 2011, and Nanchang fans celebrate his 50th birthday. There is no God in this world, but the “Song of God” is made by many people holding, “nothing obscured 50-year-old. This time at the concert, in addition to a memorial, the most important is to come to review the different stages of my life, with songs to tell their views on the music, thinking how to go the way of the future in music . “Jacky Cheung said.

According to the organizing committee said, as early as during the Jacky Cheung concert Yichun, Jiangxi, to start planning. Jacky Cheung concert Jiangxi Yichun, Jiangxi breaking concert, and Jacky Cheung concert Nanchang, spent more than 50 vehicles, 10 meters long massive container trucks to transport equipment to Chang stage, professional beautiful stage design, top international musicians on-site to help out, there are tens of millions worth of audio-visual equipment escort, will go beyond the Yichun Jacky Cheung concert grand.

According to the organizing committee said: “The Jacky Cheung 1 / 2 century concert either stage, lighting, or audio, have reached the world’s top production levels.” Backstage is the total number of staff Jacky 3 previous concert times, in the professional and the actual results of the team have done a rigorous thinking.

The stage performances in the history of the largest efforts to build called the “innovation stage”, a transparent glass stage texture gives a mysterious feeling. This site organizers may consider a specially designed king-T bridge, the stage extends to the audience, so that fans have the opportunity to buddy up close.

According to the organizing committee said that the concert stage sound in a cost of 60 million yuan, the purpose is to bring studio-like music to enjoy. Concert officials said, “live sound, can definitely challenge the world’s leading concert.” Fireworks is indispensable for every concert highlights. Reporters have seen recently in Yichun Railway Station performance, the concert will be all kinds of tricks fireworks, fireworks and so will examine each type flying into battle, the mighty. In order to ensure that fireworks are not Shuilin damp, the staff will usually start three hours before the concert before the fireworks put into the equipment in the launch. As fans look forward to most high-definition LCD screen, “This is certainly not less, LCD is the most valuable of the concert, like props, such as the stage only after we build a good base frame to install a huge screen so that The audience can see the buddy’s face, even his hair can not escape the audience’s eyes. ”

It is understood that in addition to performing high-tech equipment, the size of the Jacky Cheung concert ahead of the stage lighting using advanced LED light bulbs, before we look at the effect of the concert mostly monochrome laser, but this is the color of the laser described many effects. LED lighting experts, Mr. Wang Qingfang, the general use of space inside or outside the concert stage, three-dimensional design, ultra-large-scale elevator scene implants, nearly 400 top-level stereo, 50 arranged inside the container props, to all viewers with top audio-visual experience. LED stage the biggest highlight of the concert is more than the average changes in lighting, better effects, more energy consumption.

The evening of September 16, the closing ceremony of the Fifth Moon Festival cum Jacky Cheung concert in Jiangxi Yichun Sports Center Stadium staged, tens of thousands of spectators to the scene to see the “Song of God” style, but also a music appreciation field “LED lighting show” feast for the senses. Just like all of the spectators wear head lamps.

“There are the places where there is wind echoed Jacky Cheung music, there are performances where there is LED lighting show.”

According to the Chinese energy-saving lamps news report, the people who claim work in Jacky Cheung brokerage company in the micro-Bo online said, Jacky Cheung is an environmentalist, he will ask each concert organizers to make stage lighting fixtures with energy-saving lamps, and this performance contract is written, if the organizers finally used to create high-energy incandescent stage effects, the organizers will be considered breach of contract, Jacky Cheung also has speech and the extension of this strike too. the spirit of Song of God is keen environmental protection gained the support of the common people and environmentalists. Jacky Cheung Nanchang concert gorgeous big stage will used LED lighting, but also a positive response the energy saving performance.

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