Philips “Fashion House” Light New World

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Lighting

In the heavy pressure of the work and the life, people have the higher pursuit for creating a healthy, comfortable and stylish personal home environment after a struggle workplace. And these requirements can be used to easily by lights. Based on this, Philips Lighting launched the series activity in June, which aims to use creative ways to stimulate people’s inspiration, to encourage people to discover and fully utilize the potential of lighting, decorate personalized home environment, and light easily improve the quality of life. The Philips into the “Fashion House” is further promotion in China.

Enter the “Fashion House”, one can truly feel the room is the master of nature, simple regimes, from fresh bamboo garden, the compact interior layout, set off the LED lights under natural light, designer ingenuity flashed everywhere SSIM Smart beauty. In “Fashion House”, the leading designer of LED lighting with Philips products out of the endless creativity and interpretation of inspiration, have revolutionized the lighting of the traditional role of the definition – the second generation of Philips Magic LED Light Bulbs Living colors rendered under the living room, changing the fantastic colors, ready to echo the feelings of the owner of the moment; Philips candle light is dim candle light can mimic the action and drag to create a romantic home atmosphere; and his best simple, can bring to the true new realm of pure light and shadow Philips Ledino stunning series of lighting is available to meet the shape of your endless imagination.

In addition to creativity, the designer is another major feature of Philips ‘fashion house’. Well-known designers is a couple from Hong Kong star worked together to accomplish this work, and embodied the warmth and romance most vividly in the entire space.


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