Nine Health Tips For Women Sleep Better

Posted: August 19, 2011 in health

1. Do not worry about lack of sleep

Try not to worry about how long you can sleep, this state of anxiety and insomnia would make into a negative cycle, which is known as the “sense of insomnia,” occurs when you are very worried about their ability to get enough sleep.

2. Do not force yourself to sleep

3. Only you really sleepy and tired to go to sleep when

4. Do not look at the old clock

5 warm-up before bed

6 Do not oversleep

7 Healthy sex life

8. Avoid alcohol as a sleep medicine you

Avoid drinking alcohol late at night, people generally believe that alcohol before bed can help sleep, but in fact, the first time, alcohol may indeed play a role in sedation, but it seems a long time, alcohol will produce many side-effects of injury on sleep .

9 layout of your bedroom and bed, and sleep with them just about sex

I do not eat, watching TV or reading in bed. While these things will help some people sleep, but also to a subconscious brain: bed is not suitable for a place to sleep, it makes you sleep.

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