New Standards Of Stylish Lightweight Headlamps – Three Protections

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Gadgetgs


L40 is a lightweight headlamp with three protections. On the Asia Outdoor engineering test samples was launched, which caused a lot of attention as it is full of personalized design. It can be said to be “long-awaited” before successful listing of the best headlamps, because it set a new standard in protection performance of lightweight headlamp.

It just need two NO7 battery-powered with compact design, which is easier to use and carry. 2AA battery boost circuit improve lighting efficiency after treatment, not only to ensure adequate lighting duration, but also it can bring a lot of convenience in the use. The headlamp is equipped with four NICHIA LED, high brightness is up to 20 lumens or more, which is entirely suitable for everyday walking, reading, trail running and other outdoor leisure activities relative. Two kinds of brightness and SOS three kinds of adjustable model can meet the needs of users in different light.

In addition to beautiful and stylish appearance, the most prominent bright spot of the bright headlamps is that it has eight of the IPX waterproof, good cold resistance and impact resistance, which provide full protection. This is incomparable with any the level of lamp, besides it can be used in the rain environment, as well as it does not affect normal work even if it accidentally fall into the water.


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