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L40 is a lightweight headlamp with three protections. On the Asia Outdoor engineering test samples was launched, which caused a lot of attention as it is full of personalized design. It can be said to be “long-awaited” before successful listing of the best headlamps, because it set a new standard in protection performance of lightweight headlamp.

It just need two NO7 battery-powered with compact design, which is easier to use and carry. 2AA battery boost circuit improve lighting efficiency after treatment, not only to ensure adequate lighting duration, but also it can bring a lot of convenience in the use. The headlamp is equipped with four NICHIA LED, high brightness is up to 20 lumens or more, which is entirely suitable for everyday walking, reading, trail running and other outdoor leisure activities relative. Two kinds of brightness and SOS three kinds of adjustable model can meet the needs of users in different light.

In addition to beautiful and stylish appearance, the most prominent bright spot of the bright headlamps is that it has eight of the IPX waterproof, good cold resistance and impact resistance, which provide full protection. This is incomparable with any the level of lamp, besides it can be used in the rain environment, as well as it does not affect normal work even if it accidentally fall into the water.

Hair Necklace

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Necklace

hair necklaceThis is intricate hair necklace, you can also get it in the back and paste into the wings best.

1 Select low-calorie vegetarian

Want to lose weight, we must first reduce calorie intake, so the fast weight loss diet plan is mainly based on low-calorie vegetarian. Basically, you have eight days to completely eat fruits and vegetables, and then divided into four meals a day, for example: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.

2. Eat four servings of vegetables per day

Eat four servings of vegetables each day, each at least 100 grams of weight. For example, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks have 100 grams of vegetables, and tomatoes and lettuce is a very good fast weight loss food. Of course, the vegetable oil is the food, do not want to undermine the weight loss program, then we would choose boiled vegetables or salad.

3. Every day, eating the right amount of fruit

Fruit is beneficial to weight loss super foods, can satisfy your desire for sweets, but also to reduce the calorie intake. In the eight-day diet period, every day, add any of the following four fruits to your diet plan: plums, peaches, citrus, grapefruit, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, raspberries. Weight of 100 grams each meal, can be divided into four meals.

4 a day to drink 2 cups low-fat yogurt

Drink 2 cups low-fat yogurt. Because yogurt contains a lot of calcium to accelerate fat burning has a significant role. Also, yogurt can help you accelerate gastrointestinal motility, to relieve constipation, detox diet drinks the best choice.

5. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water every day, can reach 12-16 cups of weight. In addition, tea and unsweetened black coffee have always been drinking, this will help you speed up the rate of weight loss is a very effective weight loss methods. In addition, to avoid high-calorie drink some drinks, this will lead to excessive intake of calories.

8 days by 10 pounds exercise program:

1 aerobic exercise one hour every day

Want to lose weight fast, exercise is essential. Therefore, in these eight days, every day at least adhere to one hour of aerobic exercise, so as to allow the full body of excess fat consumption. While jogging, swimming, walking, etc. are very effective weight-loss campaign. In addition, if conditions allow, the best is acceptable to the gym fitness instructor Oh!

(2) by adding strength training

Studies have shown that a simple diet to lose weight, reduce muscle loss by about 25% of the total weight, while strength training, not only consume extra energy, but also to prevent muscle decline. Muscle is an important factor in accelerating fat burning, so you want fast weight loss, strength training is crucial. Recommended to do aerobic exercise before strength training, this will prevent the movement of the muscle strain.

3. Hyperactivity usually take less

Energy intake did not want to pile up into a fat, it is necessary to more actively destroyed. In addition to the movement of every day outside, sit less hyperactivity is also a fast weight loss secret. Usually less than elevator stairs, small bus, walk, walk, and so often after a meal can speed up the fat burning are a good way.