Notes Of Practice Yoga On A Yoga Class — 5 Do 5 Don’t

Posted: June 25, 2011 in health

◆ Do

1 Earlily arrived. Arriving about 10 minutes before class can help you adjust the mood and calm down. When you wait, you can do some stretching, or just quietly sitting or lying down, slow breathing, the heart on the yoga classroom.
2 Let the teacher know of any situation will affect your practice or you have the site of injury. If you’ve ever injured, or tired, you can skip some of the action, or choose a simple little action.
3. To create a purpose. Whether you stronger, softer, or more healthy, have a purpose, will make it easier to focus on in practice.
4. Quiet. And share with others is a good thing, but too long or too distracted to make themselves sound, will also affect the others.
5 after the exercises learned in the classroom. Review the practice of asana class, pay attention to the teacher in the classroom to remind the part. Even if only to remember one thing, you can deepen your own practice.

◆ Don’t

1 women in the menstrual period, not to the depth of inverted and reversed, upside down will make the blood reflux, the depth to reverse the pressure on the uterus.
2. Not eat two hours before class. When practicing yoga in the fullness may be abdominal cramps, nausea or vomiting, especially in the first bend, twist or bend after. And stomach belly full, and you want to sleep.
3 and others longer short. You might do some action particularly good, some are particularly poor, receiving his body, love your body, do not compare herself with others.
4. Do not force. Do not think like the others, the movement has done good and beautiful, do not allow yourself to be injured in action. Your attitude is better today than yesterday, and students rather than more.
5. Miss warm-up and the big break. Easy to miss warm-up injury; miss big break, it is a waste of one of the good things in life.


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