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◆ Do

1 Earlily arrived. Arriving about 10 minutes before class can help you adjust the mood and calm down. When you wait, you can do some stretching, or just quietly sitting or lying down, slow breathing, the heart on the yoga classroom.
2 Let the teacher know of any situation will affect your practice or you have the site of injury. If you’ve ever injured, or tired, you can skip some of the action, or choose a simple little action.
3. To create a purpose. Whether you stronger, softer, or more healthy, have a purpose, will make it easier to focus on in practice.
4. Quiet. And share with others is a good thing, but too long or too distracted to make themselves sound, will also affect the others.
5 after the exercises learned in the classroom. Review the practice of asana class, pay attention to the teacher in the classroom to remind the part. Even if only to remember one thing, you can deepen your own practice.

◆ Don’t

1 women in the menstrual period, not to the depth of inverted and reversed, upside down will make the blood reflux, the depth to reverse the pressure on the uterus.
2. Not eat two hours before class. When practicing yoga in the fullness may be abdominal cramps, nausea or vomiting, especially in the first bend, twist or bend after. And stomach belly full, and you want to sleep.
3 and others longer short. You might do some action particularly good, some are particularly poor, receiving his body, love your body, do not compare herself with others.
4. Do not force. Do not think like the others, the movement has done good and beautiful, do not allow yourself to be injured in action. Your attitude is better today than yesterday, and students rather than more.
5. Miss warm-up and the big break. Easy to miss warm-up injury; miss big break, it is a waste of one of the good things in life.

Today, more and more people like to drink, but there are a few people know how to reasonably drink. Do not pick the time to drink, bo not care about the content to drink and do not use their brains to prove that you just can only drink water, it is not necessarily to drink of the water. In the care of the body has become a popular era, was once considered the easiest to drink water, but it also had become a profound science.

1, water intake should be appropriate
Normal daily water intake of 2000ml ~ 2500ml. Too little, the body does not go out metabolic waste, affecting health; too much, it will increase the burden on the kidney, is also very desirable.

2, the first morning cup of water to drink anything
Many women to wake up after drinking water as a daily homework, figure it laxative, to reduce blood viscosity, so that the whole person looks juicy. However, this first morning cup of water to drink but not chaotic. Milk, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, cold water and salt water, soup, broth are not suitable as a first morning cup of water to drink. Warm water or warm honey prepared and more appropriate to the morning after drinking.

3, the most water for half an hour before a meal Stomach
Water for half an hour before dinner, neither dilute the gastric juice affect digestion, but also to mobilize appetite, regulate body salt concentration, reducing salt intake after a meal the body caused by excessive thirst.

4, green tea healthy
At two or three, the best cup of green tea to their own, that is refreshing, but also resistance to radiation. Here that green tea is red tea, not tea drinks sold on the market. You know, tea, tea drinks are very few ingredients, sugar is very high, often drinking have a significant impact on body weight, heard it was because of binge drinking sweetened beverages and diabetes misfortune it.

5, see through “In the Mood” water
Pure water, the addition of multiple filters to a variety of microbes, impurities and minerals beneficial to highlight the safety of drinking, it is a soft, many people believe that it is not enough nutrition, long-term adverse health drink, but this point of view has not been confirmed.
Mineral water, is a kind of natural resources mined from the deep geological formations, rich in rare minerals, slightly alkaline, it should be more conducive to health, but does not rule out the possibility of organic pollution.
Mineral water, pure water concentration ratio in accordance with the human body to add minerals concentrate prepared from artificial mineral water, drinking water technologies marks a new height.

6, after exercise to pay
Very easy to dry the body after exercise, so be sure to water. Water to grasp the following principles:
a. Can not only make up thirsty. Because they feel thirsty, the water has reached the weight loss of 2%.
b. Movement before, during and after each replenishment. 2 hours before exercise supplement 250-500 ml; up immediately before exercise, 150-250 ml; movement every 15 to 20 minutes up 120-240 ml; after exercise in weight loss by exercise, body weight decreased 1 kg per fill a need liters.

7, remember diuretic food
Focus only on the drink, do not pay attention to row, it is easy to let the body edema. Diuretic food is the body of water can increase the excretion of food such as watermelon, coffee, tea contains a diuretic ingredients can promote the formation of kidney urine; there are whole grains, vegetables and fruits contain dietary fiber, can be combined with large amounts of water in the intestine, increase stool weight; spicy ingredients can promote surface capillary dilation, people sweating, loss of surface water. Fill Ye Hao, Lee both mean water balance to the body means.

Evening New York time on June 6, the United States Fashion Designers Association (CFDA) annual awards ceremony held at the Lincoln Center. Dressed in a black Toushi Zhuang, Lady Gaga high pedal Hentian debut, and fashion icon award in the bag, as the biggest night of the ceremony, the focus.

CFDA Awards known as the “Oscars of fashion,” said the night can be described as star-studded ceremony. However, both on stage wearing a beautiful dress color hot mom Jessica Alba, the eye-catching bright red dress and Carly Klose supermodel, or the history of the most popular creative director of Celine Feibi Fei Luo, New York, the hottest of the hottest born designer Alexander Wang, and Lady Gaga is not the black perspective corset, green wig, scarlet nails, rivets and the awl wrapped in a graceful 12-inch hem hip line, under the eye-catching. The Funny days to prove once again personally, wherever you go, she will become the center of public opinion, the focus of the flash.

At the award ceremony, “Bazaar” creative director Stephen Gan Lady Gaga’s influence on the generous words of praise, saying it was our time, “a rising genius.” Lady Gaga holding the trophy is not no sense of humor replied: “I can not believe they actually allow me to enter here.” In the laughter, she who “let me be a star as a star before there will be a the illusion of “thank the designers and editors, and blew a share of embarrassments to entertain the audience: When the CFDA announced that the attribution style icon award, the United States,” fashion “magazine editor Anna Wintour sent a congratulations message. Lady Gaga a misconception that text messages from girlfriends the same name, so without hesitation replied: “Yes,” son of a bitch, “we did it!” Anna is consistent with its elegant replied: “True cute. “

The summer of 2011, the first step fashion footwear and what to play it, if you are up to, I believe you already have a European style of Roman sandals, rivets, with the slope, hollow, cross and other elements are all reflected in the footwear on, enjoy show your unique side. Do you also want the U.S. to have this pair of shoes, “she was very low key, low-key that people know not; she was very unassuming, publicity to the many stars went overseas to scan cargo with her, she was cool, hot, metal rivets, tie with the trip button, logo design for her; she was noble, retro processing, leather embroidery, highlight the details of everywhere. “ASH beauty of this famous shoe brand in Europe is one such praise. ASH so many women were charmed by both the international big-name stars, or white-collar workers who are mad chase it, even days after the country singer Faye Wong also its loyal supporters.

ASH This Italian brand founded in 2000, after quickly swept Europe since the birth and the world. ASH French aristocrat unique luxury of the production process, design style to highlight the “aristocracy of retro, low-key luxury,” the atmosphere of the main fight, fine Italian leather of the merger process and the formation of the ASH using the unique taste of avant-garde trends. In the fashion shoe industry, ASH is an extraordinary attitude has its own brand of self-attitudes persist in the epidemic, ASH has every pair of shoes full of tension, it will nobles antique stores, the trend of cutting-edge elements and textures to achieve a unique high balance. ASH luxurious choice of materials, it uses the first-line luxury brands for many well-known supplier of leather, thus ensuring a high quality. In Europe, ASH and MiuMiu, Prada, Dior and other luxury brands to stay with a regular high-end department stores.

This season’s fashion footwear to the wind will be your guide, if you have a different dress personality, that ASH is your best choice!