LVMH acquired The Three Asian Fashion Trend Brand

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Fashion News

M & A drama of the luxury industry continued to play, LVMH get 51% Bulgari’s shares by 5.2 billion acquisition price off a round of high tide not long ago. However, behind the wave of mergers and acquisitions in Europe, emerging Asian markets run out of the three major luxury goods group’s acquisition from time to time.

M & A brand, a three luxury group LVMH empire, the French, Swiss and French group PPR Richemond Group, to expand the scope of a common approach.

Now, the luxury goods giant aimed at the Asian market.

Associated Press, Moet Hennessy Louis recently to $ 650,000,000 private equity fund the massive demand in Asia began to fashion brand. Ravi said the fund manager has invested 9 million acquisition of three-wave plates of the Asian part of the shares. The three brand watch brand in Singapore were Sincere, brand Charles & Keith shoes and Emperor Watch & Jewellery Hong Kong listed companies emperor.

However, such acquisitions will continue, Ravi pointed out that private equity funds Moet Hennessy Louis 2 months, will invest 200 million U.S. dollars, the investment to include a Chinese women’s stores. So far the fund has invested in 14 second-tier brands.

“Three Group is Asia’s second-tier brand value, especially with luxury goods companies genes.” Vertical Zhida Brand Strategy Management Consulting Group Joint senior partner Cui Hongbo told reporters that the current map of Europe has almost carved up the Asian market These giant cake even more coveted.

In the three groups, Moet Hennessy Louis layout strategy in Asia seem more weaker.

Domestic luxury brand “the beach” has now been under the command of the Richemont Group revenue, so the acquisition is very urgent, Cui Hongbo that “the three groups are targeting second-tier brands in Asia, if not this acquisition, there is always the next one so there. ”

Asian brands through mergers and acquisitions on the one hand, the long-term culture; other hand, the three groups started to grow faster in Asia to introduce the brand in Europe.

“To buy luxury end of the era of shame.” Internationally renowned consultancy Bain & Co. consultant with the Italian luxury goods producers association has co-released the semi-annual report of the luxury market, the report noted that consumer groups have been out of the financial the shadow of the crisis, which also means that luxury is gradually restored.

According to Bain’s forecast, the global luxury goods will reach 185 billion euros cake, which the Chinese market will grow 25% to 115 million euros.

“While the luxury market has gradually recovered, but compared with previous performance in the European luxury goods giant is flagging.” A luxury goods analyst pointed out that the Asian market is the real performance of these luxury goods giant growth .

The report in 2010 U.S. shows that sales of luxury goods increased by 12%, 6% in Europe, and Asia is 22%, of which sales of luxury goods in China increased by 30%.


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