Ulysse Nardin 18K Pink Gold Sailing Series Of Diver Watch

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Accessory

 Ulysse Nardin Estimated price: $6000 – $ 8,000 with commission price: $ 10,000 

 Description: 18K pink gold, divers table, dynamic storage, produced about in 2005
 Accessories: warranty card, the Hong Kong Observatory certificate, manual.
   Diameter: 40 mm
   Overview: 3-piece sheet conditions, transparent case back, 18K and titanium rotating bezel, 2892 movement with power reserve, 28 rubies, dial, case, movement of both signatures.

    【Comment】 In recent years, Ulysse Nardin soar prices to enhance its brand awareness that is relatively weak. The divers, such as tables, sailing from Ulysse Nardin, the rise of sophisticated table time, 160 years of watchmaking history, the Ulysse Nardin table also received a number of awards time, nearly 9 percent of the Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph selection in terms of spoils. Ulysse Nardin has a very comprehensive product line, there are a variety of complex functions covered.

    Navigation series is one of most Ulysse Nardin classic style, Although the configuration ETA2892 this table movement, the price is still stuck atop by the overall price trends. With the rise of Ulysse Nardin now, if you have several Ulysse Nardin of the 90’s of last century, sell ​​it now you will make a lot of money. The price is very stable with virtually no gains too obvious.

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