Contrast Color Ring Combinations With Party Dress

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Accessory

Party loaded with color ring collision

Tips: color fashion hit play, is more suitable to reach the ring and nail polish. Intense saturated color, with dark lines of the dress, party makeup to be so easy!

Letters Ring Individuality

Tips: exaggeration of the letters, whether or LOGO SLOGAN, are the expression of personality, the trend in respect of this publicity!

Pioneer Side By Side, Trend-Type Ring

Tips: This year in particular popular style ring ring side by side, look like four fingers are brought, it being very trendsetters!

Owl Ring Nude Color

Tips: plastic geometric patterns of the big ring, the usual wear, can be decorated carries it Oh!

Vintage Pearl Inlaid Rings

Tips: aesthetic sense of design, especially suitable for gentle temperament.

Vintage Exquisite Charming Little Fox Ring

Tips: delicate little fox ring, so strong at the same time you retro atmosphere charming.

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