Want To Be A Beautiful, You Must Do 11 Things

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Beauty is the appearance, but cute can be in the bones. A woman who is not beautiful can be successfully transformed into an “artificial beauty” by ever-changing cosmetic
surgery, beauty is like a Digimon, cute is more of a natural temperament. “People are not lovely as beautiful, but because only beautiful by cute.” How to be a lovely
temperament woman?

1, With A Few Close Friend

Long life in women, some as close as sisters must be accompanied by friends, with us through difficult circumstances and vicissitudes of life, until we have white hair and his
head, many children, you can still sit on the rocking chair, with a disappointed face laughing, chatting about young absurd things. “Close friend” and “Gui”, not only refers to
the boudoir, and the girl, boudoir, but only those between the same sex can understand the feelings and understanding of the boudoir.

2, Seriously Write A Love Letter

More developed in the communication age, we can easily find a person, it is difficult to enter a person’s heart was.

Imagine, when years later, “Love Letter” become “love mail” or “love MSN” to replace the relics, What a pity it would be something! So let us calm down and laying a piece of
paper Su Jian, shelved for a long time to pick up the pen, write a love letter carefully and let promises stranded, so that moment forever.

3, To Marry A Person Who Loves You

Love will find a happy ending, not every woman can get. If your other half, just love you for what you love, then of course the ideal state. However, many modern women would say
persistent, they can also accommodate a man who does not love their husbands, but the fact that women’s desire for marriage and love even more than men, such a marriage, most of
them are not happy. Recommendation of someone who generally: can unilaterally choose a man you love love, but to get married, or you hanging on a man who truly loves you, right

4, Tolerance, Understanding Of The Protection Of Marriage

Tolerance and understanding, is the biggest secret to keeping the marriage. No need to lament, “Marriage is the tomb of love” in the last year of a hit TV series “Chinese-style
divorce,” sounded the alarm to many women, in the absence of third party conflicts, from the wife of her husband endless suspicion at the beginning, it was his wife’s
hysterical, out of nothing, the original happy family into collapse. Originally premarital expectations and the reality of marriage, for very different, then a firm love, but also must accept from the romantic to the practical test.

5, to explore life goals and create a romantic singer Cyndi Chaw singing “I can think of the most romantic thing is slowly getting old with you, collection of bits and pieces of
laughter along the way, leaving to a later sitting in a rocking chair chatted.” Although the sought-after female romantic, they can create and explore life in the absence of
emotional mind, the passage to be easily lost. Life is not without beauty, but the lack of find beauty in the eye.

6, Into Love Once Warm

A man afraid of loneliness, two people are afraid to live up to, care about the love filled around us, often make women daunting. However, when the man of your dreams there,
longing for love comes to deeply and passionately in love again! Hsi with a poem: a young man, if you love someone, you, you have to treat him gently. Whether you love or short
length of time, if you can always treat each other gently, then all of the moment would be a flawless beauty.

7, At Least As To Leave A Long Hair

What kind of older woman have to do dress up, they must be young, leaving a long hair! Not to say that older women must not stay long, however, such as white hair scattered, it
is indeed difficult to give viewers beauty. Handsome old woman, such as San Mao, her decades on the tails and child modeling, have also been criticized; Luo Ta-you can sing
“through your hair of my hand,” but if this “black” white , greatly reduced weight and feel to it?

8, To Visit An Admired Celebrity

Many people have such an example in mind, he / she is a ray of light in your life, in the event of setbacks, in addition to family and friends, you will think of him / her.

No, this is not right nowadays is the proliferation of “idol”, he / she is the person you really admire. If you really admire a person, and can call on to him / her, you can not
help but spend all sincerity, all the wisdom and efforts of all, your life, are bound by that moment and has improved.

9, at least we all have much to learn a musical instrument, may not find anyone to talk to, but when playing from his beloved instrument, the message to Pieces, all grievances
can be the wind and scattered. For women, no matter Fuqin or a musical instrument, but enough to enhance her personal temperament.

10, Write A Letter To His Mother Birthday

As a female, should know his birthday, is the mother of the Crucifixion, so your birthday, my mother lovingly in your eyes, think she’ll embrace tolerance, think about the years
she had no regrets and think Her looming white hair, and the roots of disappearing … … on your birthday, please write a letter to my mother, tell her that you appreciate and
experience of life, tell her, you always knew her love, and you will always love her. Perhaps, it’s that time, the mother will feel that all her hard work is worth it.

11, 15 Minutes Of Daily Reading

If you are the natural beauty, which can blame parents. However, to be a “beautiful qualities” is not impossible acquiring through the efforts of yourself, to set a study plan for myself, make spiritual homeland rich.


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