How to Wear Clothes So That Look More Fashionable

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Dress

There are two problems to beset ladies, they are how to wear and what to look stylish?

In the “how to wear?” Under the premise, there is a basis that you must clearly know what they want, what you are suitable. I always thought that style of dress to individual decisions. Fashion in the decision to become before their own, to find out what their pursuit. Kate? Moss,? Anna? Wintour, and so these world-renowned fashion icon, the reason was sealing this name, because of their dress with a distinctive personal style. And this could well reflect the style and expression of belonging to their own unique temperament and personality.

Two types of Sisters: One sister is a grade of not practicing it, still fought, this proposal MM I was to see more magazines, but also to select high-end fashion magazine. This approach is dead but it does the most useful. You may be unknowingly enhance the taste. Personally, I think, from the natural grade is half and half from the acquired continuously broaden their horizons, make into its own shortcomings.

There is also a MM taste is there,? But are the only type of appreciation. She is a good appreciation of high fashion, such as magazines, television, celebrities wearing her comments have the ability to make very high, even on the store to buy clothes, but also to choose a tasteful dress. However, when a lot of clothes to put in front of her, but she can not afford to be fragmented, single items of clothing, accessories, together with a good overall shape. Usually read a magazine, can easily point out that the model shape on the screen where the wonderful, really know how to appreciate the point of view, and therefore think they also have this ability with a good dress. But the real way to do it, you will find impossible to start a kind of feeling like this when I’ll blame the limited capacity of money. Not like a star, famous people spend a lot of money in the luxury boutiques, so not like them so wear effect.

How to find your own style of dress?

Today’s instance of the major editors from Europe and America began to wear:

For example: the famous French VOUGE magazine Editor in chief, Carine Roitfeld – Carine Roinfeld of the clothing style is known for simple and neat, and then on the basis of the simplicity has to be a little unruly, wild and unique feminine style, the same style is also reflected in her hair, the simple straight hair is always unruly to drift with, rather than the traditional type of neat shoulder-length straight hair.

Another example: KateLanphear, ELLE magazine’s Senior Style Editor and Stylist, despite the “civil” visibility is not too high, but European and American fashion industry is a very wighty person. Quieter side of the sub-gold short hair is her distinctive personal mark. Her style of dress is main with a little bit of Rock, Punk, Street  Chic, casual and boyish. She can wear very simple and also can be LAYERS, which sexual preference handsome and stylish neutral line.


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