How Graceful With The Royal Crown

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

The hot actress of TV series “Gossip Girl” Leighton Meester wear all kinds of hair band and dressed in their youth to be a queen in the campus. The various hair band were hidden in the black hair like a noble crown, which help Leighton Meester create an top City of New York noble image, and is chased madly by young girls. For the top popular Royal Crown, Chaumet that is well-known for designing the Crown held a top ingenuity hair jewelry show in the couture fashion Week, the brand’s classic jewelry series of all turned into a beautiful headdress, and build the most romantic imagination in girls hearts.

Elegance on this head, whether wreath, crown, or crown, or variations from the crown jewels from the hair, like a wizard’s magic, to wear a bright girl moment, reach for the body and turns into a beautiful, brave princess. Movie “The Princess Diaries”, the actress Anne Hathaway ordinary high school girl by a small country overnight, the princess became a faded image of the scruffy, wearing the crown, wear skirt, elegant gesture captured the hearts of all beings , just like Audrey Hepburn is the second after the beginning of a new generation of Princess spokesman following the big sell at the box office, so film companies seized the opportunity and second episode. The girl who is spotted princess dreams, Hollywood a few years to reposition itself in the system filled with beautiful princess fantasy film, “Enchanted,” “The Princess and the Frog”, and even before the release of “Shrek 3 “fairy tale adapted by the Hollywood film industry to create a new generation of Princess image.

And in real life, the European royal family the same choice at the material time to crown the identity and status symbol. Queen Grace Kelly unbeaten so far its still a lot of dress, fashion designers muse, recently, in the United Kingdom at the “Grace Kelly: Style Icon” exhibition, Van Cleef & Arples that lent a collection of Grace Kelly crown . That in 1976, Grace Kelly in her daughter Caroline (Caroline) and Philip? Jana (Philippe Jugnot) wearing wedding in the crown of diamonds 77 carats, radial design, simple and elegant, completely Grace Kelly reflects the abundance of refined color and texture.

Tracing the history of abduction, the design of the crown there are many types, but also have different types and significance of the coronation crown, symbolizing the power of the imperial crown and the crown represents the noble identity. Because of its sovereign rights and a symbol of status, the crown jeweler can custom brought thigh says the mouth into the story, brought out the best gems and precious metals, is to indulge in pleasure and the costumes of kings and nobles set system and then create a popular personal taste.

Art of Praise
And jewelry, as starting right from the naturalistic, with the evolution of artistic style, crown a record of cultural and artistic style of the era, then become a unique art. Josephine worked to create countless beautiful playing from the crown of the Chaumet brand in the early 19th century inception, with the emperor the title of Queen’s jeweler, said, Chaumet Napoleon, the royal family will become the exclusive jewelry division, because the founder of Nepal Duo take Napoleon, with the help of ex, but also because Josephine is very keen on the mix of fashion and jewelry, so she often met with the Nigerian priest in the palace to discuss the design of jewelry styles!

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