Advanced wear: Appropriateness – Beauty – Personalized

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

A thought that There are three progressive approach to the realm: appropriateness – the beauty – personality for “wearing of clothing”. First you must be in good taste and then on the basis of the appropriate manifest beauty, the highest realm is really my personality and style of piercing. But in real life, she was deeply see that many women to get “beauty” while ignoring the basic “decent”, and it is widespread in the workplace situation, not only colleagues whispered in mind, but olse this person’s professional image is also large discount. In fact, the workplace clothing is not just to express individuality carrier, it can also transport you to play a decisive role in the workplace, only to wear the right clothes can help you get good karma, good air circulation and good job in the workplace.

The higher the contrast ratio was a strong

A: Your career women’s wardrobes have any suggestions?

B: First, we decorated clothing section is divided into two basic models and classes. Basic models low-key and difficult to date, can be repeated several times wearing, classic, easy to match. For example, a single color shirt, jacket, trench coat, Zhi Tongqun, pleated skirts, A dress, straight jeans, chimney pants, trousers, etc. Weila These are basic models. Decoration is the kind of high-profile models, a strong personality, very easy to identify the clothing styles. While giving a sense of fashion, but the vitality is relatively short, very easy to date.

I suggest that women in the workplace wardrobe to basic models, supplemented by a number of decorative models. If you are engaged in personalized art work of women in the workplace, you can decorate the corresponding increase in the proportion of money in the closet.

Workplace with the nudity, sexy draw the line

A: What is the women in the workplace taboos to avoid?

B: First, avoid dirty clothes and swagger workplace, for example, large sequins, holes in jeans, sneakers and more. Second, the workplace should not be too sexy and feminine, halter top, sexy body wrapped in knitted clothes to avoid the dragon spruce. Workplace with the nudity, sexy draw the line. Third, avoid Zhuangnen, a cartoon images, text, clothes do not wear to the workplace.

A: When women in the workplace in the selection of accessories needs attention?

B: First, choose jewelry for a few principles: do not shake do not shake, do not flash off, quietly. Suggest that you select the precious metals, diamonds, pearls and other low-key and fine jewelry.

Workplace than 8 cm heel, or in the office not only mobility but also make noise when walking, people unhappy. Slope with, trifle, and toe and heel of the shoes do not wear, people seem less professional.

To choice stockings also learned, there are black, gray, dark in the right color, you can choose thick or thin material according to the season . The stockings have some pattern, color and swelling sense wool socks should be chosen in heart. The choice of the package shall recommend options acceptable, wild, and classic style to accommodate.


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