Marc By Marc Jacobs Shine In Summer Clothes

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Dress

With the arrival of spring, warmth make people lazy and not to mention a little vigorously, if this condition need a cup of coffee, or I want to say I need refresh a bright spring. 70’s romantic young girls will always be brought back at this moment with the bright colors and flowing floral cloth, endless Spring of Marc by Marc Jacobs are telling you summer are coming, and it is time to be sexy.

Style Flash

MMJ has always been good with fresh color to take people, more of a Chromic full-season release, the use of red, the color blue, bright yellow, orange and rainbow colors, and so eye-catching color, while infiltration of gray, sandy, cream for reconciliation. Design around the 70’s romance and charm, fun and lively, as a wave-like skirts, filling lines, high waist pants leg, loose material flowing silk shirt, a high degree of freedom of the law; with the original rough season is not immature One of Simone Stripe, Geometric kaleidoscope of Arielle Bloom, the lovely Colette Flower Floral printed map of three Eucalyptus, will miss the chance to cast a new wave of 70s each product.

Colorful Shoes And Purer Handbags

At the same time, small objects is a continuation of maiden feelings. Marc spend Dot handle, flower diagram Eucalyptus and rainbow stripes, and selecte of PVC, nylon fabric and other materials as the body bags, of course there is a series of Miss Marc ornaments for colorful eye-catching. Footwear is used the natural quiet pastel colors instead, simple the style of sandals and point to the sole basis of rattan, all the designs are in his calculation.

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