Fashion Scarf With Personalized Show Van Taste

Posted: March 26, 2011 in Dress

This unique large black scarf like the scattered lotus leaves, it is particularly significant to coupled with such a simple jeans, as if it is the protagonist in the overview, also like the false lead set in jeans, so that one is full of personality and taste.

This black scarf sleeves feel very similar to the personalized, one looked white long-sleeved T-shirt, black long paragraph above scarves, highlighting the very obvious, especially to the love of the general personality to go this route scarves absolutely MM Is preferred.

Black nylon scarves looks rustic, when coupled with this one simple casual wool jacket, looked decent overall style, black nylon fabric and white cotton T-shirt, so the overall look decent, giving a Girl next door kind of feeling.

Lattice pattern has been the most romantic of all the patterns, the French man has always been tartan scarf, this British style long hood, not only made the girl very lovely, and gives the impression of a pure and lovely, like The feeling of the little girl next door, black with red scarves were also made to make this a cute style.

Camouflage pattern has been the first choice for modern woman, this rectangular fan Army green color pictures to give a strong shape, daunting, the temperature is really genuine demeanor correct.

Knitted wool scarves, of course is very warm, thick scarf, but easy for the whole dress is very heavy, but if you are relatively tall, MM, take a look at the figure models wearing method, random around the neck , The clutter in the United States revealed a neutral.

The large black triangular square is not the same, slightly Iraq-style atmosphere, making the dress a lot of avant-garde but not play, even if the scarf is so low-key, but it always to be the focus of the whole street. Both of the unique texture and avant-garde design seem so extraordinary.

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