Do You Konw The Etiquette When Wearing a suit

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Dress

Suit with its attractive appearance design, clean lines and smooth, three-dimensional sense of strong, wide adaptability and other characteristics of more and more popular by the people. Almost universal world of clothing, can be described as men and women safe. Doing seven suits, three in the wear. Suit selection and mix is ​​quite an art. Choose a suit have to consider the color, size, price, fabric and workmanship, we can not ignore the appearance of lines and proportions. Suit does not have to pay attention to high-grade material, but must cut fit, clean and straight. Choose a color dark, calm, and no obvious patterns, but some high-end monochrome fabric suits, wide application of occasions, wear a long time and higher utilization rate.

Wearing a suit should follow the principles of etiquette:

1. Suits the color should be consistent from top to bottom loading. In the match, the suits, shirts, ties which should be different from the plain.

2. To wear suits to wear shoes, slippers, shoes and sneakers are appropriate.

3. With suit and shirt color should be color coordinated with the suit, can not be the same color. White shirt with various colors of the suit results are good. Formal occasions, men should not wear brightly colored plaid shirt or suit. Suit sleeve shirt cuff should grow 1-2 cm. Solemn occasions, in formal wear to suit and tie, on other occasions does not necessarily have to wear a tie. Buttoned shirt collar and tie must be fastened, shirt collar is not buttoned and tie should be untied.

4. Suit buttons with a single row, double the points, Button-line with stress: double-breasted suits are buttoned buttons should be. Single-breasted suit: a button, the system on demure, chic open; two buckle, a buckle is the only line the top foreign flavor, orthodox, is the only system following an arrogant, air flow, all wear is a rustic, are Department is not open to smart, handsome, full deduction and the deduction is only the second tablets of irregularities; three button, the system or only the top two lines are together the middle of a specification.

5. Suit jacket pocket and pants pocket should not put too many things. Do not wear too much underwear to wear a suit, a shirt with only the spring and autumn the best, which do not wear shirts in winter Mianmao Shan, a shirt can be worn outside the sweater. Wear over-sized suit would undermine the overall lines of the United States.

6. Tie the colors, patterns should be coordinated with the suit and tie, the tie to reach the length of the belt buckle is appropriate, tie worn on the shirt the fourth, fifth between grain buttons.

7. Suit cuffs should be remove trademark license, otherwise do not meet the specifications wearing suits, elegant occasions, will make people laughable.

8. Note that the maintenance of suit. Maintenance of storage methods, the shape of the suit and wear life of great influence. High-end suits to hanging and often in the ventilation to dry, pay attention to insects and moisture. A wrinkle in the bath can be linked to the bathroom after using the steam to make wrinkles start, and then hung in the ventilation.

Attending formal occasions men wear suits, uniforms, should adhere to the principle of three colors, namely, the color of the body not more than three colors or three colors (shoes, belts, purses should be a color or color), can not wear nylon stockings and white socks.

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