OL Come To See These Pattern Scarf

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Dress

Who don’t like floral can choose this pattern of large flowers fringed scarfto show mature elegant charm, it will be very nice with a white shirt!

Pieces of red flower vine pattern very spring, the white material on the even more mouthwatering.

Patterns Green with blue and white pattern, a unique way to knit scarves amplified sense of fashion, casual dress can be decorated with a plain your temperament.

The pattern is full of idyllic atmosphere, so you even more impressive in the spring. With a solid spring, so this is very small flowers decorated scarves gently enough !

OL nation who like the wind, this pattern of red and white scarves totem fashion sense was very significant.

When you tie this wine red scarf, bright full; plain has been very eye-catching design, coupled with strap leaves retro, elegant in a little playful.

Elegant with lovely green dot patterns, rural spark fresh clashes; do not know whether you like it? With your sweet dress, so that the office is full of vitality!

Why plain fabric accessories are more welcomed by the women do? As compared to other ladies accessories for pattern design, comparing wild plain.

Very scarf style gas field, Mature OL were the favorites, make you more feminine Oh. All open, then the width comparable to shawls, spring and summer are for !

The cloth of main color is big red with white flowers & black flower vine as decoration, which is very festive feel, and suitable for round neck clothing! This does not seem very cumbersome with!


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