The Rimmed Glasses Will Make You More Flavor

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Dress

Lindsay Lohan has been black box modeling too long ago, accounting for 1 / 3 of the face was robbed opera glasses, and let Lilo looks much cleaner, better than her freckled face and dirty oil to the country. Today, the shelves have a big black box all the actress, but the view of wearing effect, the black singer Michelle Williams has finer lines of the face for far less than Demi Lovato of cute little round face. The former seems somewhat smart sophisticated feel, while the latter is more like a pro and friendly girl next door.

Britney Spears usher in the third time since the marriage, became home to a low-key it. Now you rarely see her bare waistline, Bling Bling or Jitu flirt like appearance, but more to the return of her sweet cute. Britney fell in love with this recently, “Ala Lei fund” in the framework of large mirror, a convex mirror effect, you can enlarge the eyes, though a bit eccentric, but it looks very innocent. Britney’s possession of particularly large, but the most flavor of the large round black frame, white square section a variety of models and variations. It seems Britney is to cos Ala Lei as the new acting career.

Although the narrow-rimmed glasses is not popular to do one or two days, saying it did not much novelty, but had to admit, it still has the female star of the impact can not be ignored. Basically can say this: If you want to install about ladies, and take about intellectual route, then pick one were thin black frame glasses is a must. Of course, depends on matching of clothes, such as Megan Fox, black-rimmed glasses with motorcycle jacket styling, at most, be regarded as a hot female teachers; but like Kristine Wu case, from hair to dress to smile, to Pose, are dedicated to Ladies put on the full range of superior children, coupled with a graceful black frame were thin to live together, the absolute intellectual beauty!

If the time back a decade ago, wearing a pair of designer glasses frames wide, and then exposed exaggerated Logo, it is absolutely Fashion Icon live sign. But today, this style has apparently no convincing, broad-brimmed glasses when it was already recruiting business for not to be see. Especially when the time frame itself is nothing unique, eye-catching get another broadside on the more people feel insipid. Sharon Stone shape of this body black, black velvet and black leather pants hit, had very sharp, and if so out chances to win the applause, the result of a super boring to wear broad-brimmed glasses, immediately become shopping pedestrians, thanks to Aunt laughed so brilliant. Pedestrians is of course Jamie Lynn Spears, was photographed at the airport look of the thing, it is estimated nobody can recognize her.

More than the broad-brimmed cup mirror is oval with a black box, not quite sure which year’s models, very homely old-fashioned shape, as if watching TV at home, reading glasses will be used. Housewives who prefer this style, Megan Mullally, or such veteran actress Jane Lynch, a group of street shooting casually, all wearing black-rimmed oval glasses, plus dress casual clothes, but look old. Do not fly is relatively Julianne Hough and Sadie Frost, Ai less obviously young, trendy clothes take too avant-garde, but unfortunately wearing the wrong glasses, the whole body all broken gas field, living to be included in the ranks of Mother to buy food.

Compared with actress have different in their taste of black-rimmed glasses, actor who seems much more unified, to sum up, it seems that only such square black-rimmed glasses has been high in the actor’s preferences chart. Either they beat appearance on street, or stage a show. When you can not find a more appropriate accessories, a wave of the flavor black-rimmed glasses will make modeling more taste.


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