Print Scarf Dress In Early Spring Cold And Warm Impermanence

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

In march, the temperatures do not get warmer, lady wear a scarf should be not few, but how to make both functional warm and fashionable scarves to steal the spotlight? It would take to come to learn the stars. No matter whatt dress style they are, scarves play a very important role in the overall shape, we can say is the not lack of it.

Zoe Saldana SuperFine with a color printed scarf with a black coat and really add the finishing touch, the overall feeling her up and immediately become active, even after walking in the snow, the way Xiao Sema also still feel that the spring in the air.
Dianna Agron’s this printed scarves in her overall style is so important! But for this scarf, gray sweater and the big blue jeans with a too modest.

Heidi Klum this tie-dyed scarf is quite eye-catching, long style it just as a long coat of his breast decorated with quite a bit of “beggars” temperament.

Whenever the leopard are so eye-catching! But do not want to wear too fancy if you want the scarf highlights, like Bar Refaeli have the black leather and pants with a dark green to match on the right, it is not too handsome swagger overall style, the visual focus is to the leopard scarf and primary and secondary in there.

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