UNNecessarily Pretending To Be Young, Middle-Aged Woman Still Very Fascinate

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last time I watch “Sex and the City” that they pedal Manolo Blahnik high heels, swagger into the Manhattan sunset. I am sad to their leave, but after they have experienced six years of frolicking in the bedroom and a shopping spree, they have passed the annual of the PRADA hot pants.  Sarah Jessica Parker’s own admission, middle-aged man show off sexy is not work.

But four years later, changed her mind, or maybe a failure to enter the film world that she was stretched financial position. In short, middle-aged Manhattan woman had entered the back. But the question is whether we need them?

With dazzling high fashion and smart and frank dialogue, “Sex and the City” has made a huge success. However, how many people really want to see Kim Cattrall naked over 50, wearing shackles and a man blowing hot and cold in bed? Four Man Hatton meets girl, dressed in their actual age? After a series of questions, and ultimately makes us confused is this: on the age of the woman should be to hide the age?

Growing old does not mean you have to give up your original appearance. You do not have to adhere to wear a mini skirt at the age of 60 through the streets, either you may not want to wear conservative clothes deliberately to show “appropriate.” Marks & Spencer’s women’s design director Helen Low said,  the Ministry, this year the women’s trends are inclined middle-aged women. “Forty and fifty-year-old woman was fit to travel style, which makes them even more attractive and capable. They should choose a high-quality clothing, not cheap and fancy styles. In addition, to dress up do not necessarily pretending to be young.”

Perhaps today’s young girls would happily embrace the age of their own when they have the middle age. Before stoping the worship of youth and not to measure women by dress in the community, we can not do anything, only put on our Jimmy Choo and pour yourself a glass of apple martini, then joining in “Sex and the City” the excitement of the fans team.



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