Keep The Look First Even You Have Been Older

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

There is the prevalence of an extreme dichotomy on the middle-aged woman’s appearance. You can put on your daughter’s clothes anyway, otherwise give up on themselves, and quickly reduced to a filthy housewife. Men have not been such a crime, because our culture the look first is only for women , while middle-aged men was given a distinguished status in opposite. George Clooney’s appearance and temperament is very consistent with the age of 47 years, but no one can deny that he’s sexy.

“There is a very nasty trend that seems to always make the female independence equal to only 25 years old. the same age women around me do not have a hope that they are only 25 years old. With grow older, life becomes more interesting. Why do we have to live like the best time has passed? “reporter Angela Phillips said.

Briege Kelly, 42, flight attendants are also deeply felt this, “forty or fifty-year-old woman who can focus on their own, do what you want to do. Children have grown up, we have
money, and achieve energy more than 20 years of age can not do. “

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